Monster Hunter International is set in the modern era. The huge difference is that magic and monsters exist, as do Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and so on. However, the vast bulk of humanity do not know about the existence of magic or magical beings. The world governments, however, do know about them, as well as some corporate entities. M.H.I. is one such corporate entity which gains its money by hunting these “monsters” and collecting the bounties on them. You are a member of M.H.I.; you hunt things that go bump in the night.

Right now I’m allowing 300 point characters. See the character monkey under characters for the character layout I would prefer here on obsidian. I am not allowing any mind reading of any type so don’t bother with those spells. I am also not allowing any psionics, but that might change later. See the wiki for some recommendations on skills and spells.

“Come Watson, the games afoot!”

MHI House Rules

Monster Hunter International

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