Monster Hunter International

Two Bishops and Black Witch are taken with prejudice.
July 4, Joseph Cougar

After recruiting another to our friendly ranks, the Black Pearl agreed to assist in the house cleaning of Gotham.

Johnny Marconi and others informed of us of security issues, and handled them as they could of course, then we proceeded to attack the current location of the Black Witch. An old police building was the place. Entry to the basement was made, and security against unwanted intruders was to be minimized. The blood dolls were to be removed without our assistance.

Gas was delivered to the building and we proceeded inside. Darkness was around and we proceeded to stairs near the elevator and proceeded up them. Nothing on any floor till we approached the third. A vampire was alert and approached down the stairs. He was dispatched quickly by Shoe, who beheaded him nicely. We entered the third floor and found another vampire trying to determine why his blood dolls were not alert but were asleep. Again, Shoe quickly dispatched this enemy. No alert was noticed to other enemy that we could perceive. Onward. We finished the third floor and came upon the last floor up.

Daylight was upon the interior rooms and the Bishops and Sabot vampires fell to dust. The Black Witch was engaged by our mage. Shoe began an attack on a ghoul. I took out a second and hit a third. William drew his shotgun. Shoe began a long fight with this ghoul who dodged and parried all he could deliver. I took out several more ghouls. William was good for two also. The Black Witch was severely hit and fell almost dead. William healed her to wellness. I put holes in Shoe’s ghoul who evaded all attacks by Shoe. The mage was successful in putting the same ghoul into flame but he pressed the attack on Shoe. Finally, Shoe landed a hit and the ghoul perished. Shoe placed a silver coin on the remains.

We gathered the Black Witch and returned to HQ in a black van, courtesy of Johnny M. Nothing of interest was found in the remains of battle.

Evil Greet and Grab
Jun 27, Joseph Cougar

Lots of talk and a good result. We have new colleagues. The Evil League of Evil is now with us.

We met at Mac’s, and encountered E.L.E. leader Chemico and associate. We talked, agreed on the format of procedure and then talked to enemy Black Witch. She left and then we did.

We proceeded to the M.H.I. HQ and had another gab fest.

Eugene of Gangrel distinction and Anarchistic nature, was there. Also, Lord Gagnon, Nosferatu persuasion, and Chamaria nature was present.

No Sabot appeared to engage with, but we proceeded to discuss them at length.

Knight tour and Hero recall
Joseph Cougar

Entering the portal we find ourselves on a winter scene, we proceed along a path to arrive at three caves. One has the mark of a crown, another a snake, and the third a sword. We scout the first crown cave invisibly and with great stealth. We discover a cave full of what seems to be 10 dire wolves with 4 cubs eating caribou. Setting them asleep, we proceed on into the cave and overhear the duchess of winter court. We then exit this ice cave and proceed to the cave of the sword. Again stealthy and invisible we discover yeti. They also are put asleep, but the cave ends where they are. Returning out of the cave, we augury as to next option. Should we proceed to the last cave. Upon the cards we discover the first cave was the prize. We also find the second cave is a probably a fatal trap. Returning to the duchess of winter, she is gloating in her torture of the summer knight. We attack in force. A loud thud is heard. Shoe is defending against reinforcements, and tossed a flash bang grenade into the room, which returned, and he kicked it back for the win. I enter the room and fire my shotgun which harmlessly falls from a magical shield. Solomon summons a sword and strikes at the duchess who deflects the strike. William frees the knight from the altar and begins to heal him. The duchess summons ice tentacles which grab me. Shoe opens fire upon the wolves and kills two. Solomon begins gathering fire to cast upon the duchess. William begins to help the knight and together they leave the room. I break the grip of the ice and reload my shotgun. Shoe kills two more of the dire wolves and the remaining flee. Solomon casts the fire upon the duchess, and he makes a wall of flame and we leave the room following William, Shoe and the knight who are making good time now. Reaching the exit we find it is barred by an ice wall. William does a complete heal on the knight at this time. Solomon casts fire again and the door begins to melt. William then aids in melting the ice door. Finally it is dispelled, and our enemy the dragon is barring our exit. Parlay begins and then the summer duchess emerges from a magical gate and asks us to escape. Shoe throws two grenades at the dragon and all of the party emerge in the summer castle where combat in an adjoining room is in progress.

Shoe moves to engage one of the ogres. Three are here, one engaged with an orc, one with an elf magic caster, and a third ogre who is struck down by Solomon’s magic. I fire my pistol at the one attacking the elf and hit him twice. The elf is struck and crunches against a far wall. William goes to aid the elf. Shoe takes out the third ogre, the orc takes the first ogre’s head completely off. The second ogre has his head removed by the attacking summer knight. and combat is complete. After combat, the next room contains 3 more dead orcs and 3 dead elves. After searching the bodies, an amulet is on one of the elves which we decide is the instrument that opened the gate which allowed the ogres to enter the castle.

The queen, her court, and the duchess emerge into the castle. The queen pauses and then declares the castle is now empty of enemy. The duchess grants us leave to keep our loaned items due to our success in returning the summer knight who departs the room and agrees to see us later. We are then granted a boon each. I ask the queen to establish parlay with M.H.I. executives and decide upon terms for aid and support. The queen agrees that this will be done in due time, and asks us to decide on our boon. We engage in drinks and then leave the queen to join the knight to help us in forming our boon requests.

Pizza is served, along with drinks to each. I am served a steak sandwich. Shoe decides to ask for a weapon to fight the folk who slayed his family. I am undecided at this time what to ask for. We then return to the queen’s court for a formal meeting. The summer knight dressed in court attire leads into the ballroom and we are announced to all. The queen announces that the summer knight is freed from further duty, and the orc is to take the guardian role of the summer court and becomes the next knight of the summer court. Shoe then asks for his boon weapon and receives 3 weapons and a scroll which he promptly reads. Solomon asks for a portal for named persons to allow instant transfer to the I.S.T. location and safe transfer once we free them. The M.H.I. members, Solomon, and the summer court orc knight pass through the newly opened portal into a room in the winter court’s domain. A vampire is present who is quickly slain by shoe using one of his new weapons. The I.S.T. team is staked out with kindling wood at each one’s feet. Solomon does something to the doors of the room, and says we have little time. I pull a fairy knife and cut bonds on the tortured team members. William does a bit of quick heals and we leave by a portal quickly. We find ourselves in a medical bay at I.S.T. HQ and we are soon greeted by doctors and staff and the other I.S.T. team members.

The task at hand is done, we must now determine the balance of forces aligned against us.

Fairy and fey wanderings
Joseph Cougar

The information gathering at Mack’s was not fruitful. After returning to HQ, William and Solomon came through a gateway into the lounge. We then are asked to return using the gate. Solomon, Shoe, William and I then do so.

Emerging into vine and flower encrusted walled room, I begin to look around. Through a nearby cross shaped window, I observe that the sun is not in the sky and there are no shadows. There is an ambiance of ample light, however. Food and drink is nearby and seats too. I begin towards the food, and Shoe halts me midway. “Do not”. So, I take a seat and rest.

After Solomon clues all in to what had happened, I ask what is the plan. There is to be information that we need from the Duchess, who arrives in a while. After cordial greetings exchanged, she announces to enjoy food, drink, and conversation. We inform her of our needs and she provides from her personal armory several items. A pendant to prevent scrying for each, a ring of invisibility also to each, fey armor to each, knives for shoe and I, daggers, a broach and sword for our leader, an axe for myself, and a weapon shoe chose I am not familiar with. A shiraken I think. She then opens a gate which places us close to the winter castle which is our first location to search. The Summer court’s Knight is being tortured in a white ice room somewhere. We travel the gate and find a snow storm in progress and we proceed north. We hear troops nearby but not coming close. After, we travel for a time not seeing anything of merit, the snow fall becomes less and we can perceive the castle in the distance. Black Ice Walls of castle proper and high parapets are in view on a mountain top. We avoid the nearby path which is main entrance to the destination and circle about the mountain to ascend the rear entry way.

On the climb to the castle three caves are discovered and at least one has a dragon in it so we go on to the castle itself. Checking for entrances by stabbing the walls with a knife I find none. William searches and finds a door. Picks it and we enter.

We are in a room with two adjoining passages. Lots of searches goes on and we determine that only 8 other entities are in the whole castle. The castle keep is in the center. We go about the walls and ascend to the parapets. We finally reach the keep itself. No easy entry is available as doors seem to be barred from inside. I successfully climb to the roof and drop rope for all to follow. The trap door on roof is lifted and shoe carefully peers into room to see a Troll waiting in ambush. We wait for him to emerge on roof for a short time and he meanwhile descends to next floor. We descend to the next floor entry and we observe him again. We attempt to cause him to sleep but he fights the effects. While he is drowsy, we stealth past him to the next floor which is one above the ground level. We find a dark elf looking at what turns out to be a magical map. The elf hears the troll trying to keep himself awake and goes to investigate. We then search about the room. I snap pictures with my cell phone. The map is some kind of invasion plan which is constantly changing in character, but no sign of white ice or location of our knight to rescue. We then go to the lowest floor.

There is a trap door in the floor which is dungeon. It is picked, opened, and we enter. In the dungeon we kill 5 elves of poor health. Then a fireball is let loose. We soak the damage to little effect and we soon take out the dark elf. The troll was taken out next. A female voice was heard in our exploration and we seek to find her as last occupant of castle. She avoids initial capture and we follow her into the cave proper.

Upon a large mound of hoard, is a female. William begins to negotiate. Upon transformation into dragon, Shoe lets fly the rocket from the LAW. The dragon dodges and a three headed dragon replaces the first and Shoe becomes immobile. Speaking on, the female in dragon form continues to banter with our party finally allowing Shoe mobility again. Our only bargaining chip is information concerning vampires. The female dragon shifter allows us the information to find the white castle finally after a long detailed speech by William. We are then allowed to depart the castle safely.

On the way out Shoe grabs the magical map. We then proceed to use a gate by Solomon to return to the white castle. An Orc greets us at the castle proper and find that it is almost as empty as the one we just left. We give the Orc the map after some discussion and the Orc proceeds to the Queen with it. We are then to open a new gate to proceed to our next location, the white castle.

I.S.T. lost and I.S.T. gained
Joseph Cougar

We recovered from our stay in Gehenna and Brendan is back in health. We meet in the gathering room and are informed of the loss of all other MHI teams. Our three superiors then enter the room. They insist on our collecting more information about our many current adversaries and all neutral parties and collecting or destroying the Black Witch.

After being intimidated by our three vampire superiors we gathered at I.S.T. HQ and decided on coordination of efforts. Brendan our werewolf was to remain with the I.S.T. group and their mage Solomon was to join with our group. A salve has been provided to the I.S.T. members by Solomon to allow sight through the mystic veil. In addition, the Gotham Steel Wind has been removed from play midpoint between Chicago and Gotham. A magic map does not indicate the same pentagonal pattern so we are a bit stumped on how to proceed. The two points that are located at Chicago and Gotham are the only clues to the event.

We proceeded to Mack’s to find further information.

To Gehenna and back
Joseph Cougar

Gathering our wits and being equipped with magic amulet of protection, we proceeded to the cairn. The vehicle was about a mile short of the destination when we changed over to magic carpet. We proceeded to location and found a small clearing with hill and cave opening. The area was filled with Wyrm taint. Entering the cave we tossed a small light pebble which proceeded about 40 feet then fell into a chasm. The mage tried minor light, then cast major light which then illuminated the passage. The mage and myself proceeded up to the drop and he noticed something. He cast a spell which revealed a narrow bridge to the other side. Going across we then discovered a room about 150 yards in circumference. 4 red candles were apparent with a fifth almost gone inside a circumscribed pentagram with an altar in the center. A gate was not active but present. The altar had mystic marks and covered in blood. William determined that two activations had occurred one on the night of the storm and one later. The blood was our friend werewolf’s contribution. The gate needed blood from an individual who was inclined to do good.

We determined to donate each a portion of blood to the altar and did so one at a time followed by healing. The gate was then activated. We proceeded through. On the other side, a reflection of the room we just left was there. Blood was on the floor and tracking skill determined the werewolf was dragged by our enemy The Black Witch. There were 5 candles present here and the gate remained open as we left the cave. Again dispelling the magic to reveal the cross bridge of the cavern, we proceeded to the outside.

Desolation and red skies with no sun were apparent. Boulders and a trail of blood trailing away from the cave. Gehenna was where we are. We proceeded to follow the blood trail and came upon a duplicate of the warehouse where combat was done not so long past. Shoe and myself did a circumnavigation about the building and found no distinct differences. I listened at the large door and heard the familiar beating rhythm in process. An hour we had before the ritual is complete. I drilled a spy hole and saw the I.S.T. on the center altar with our friend the werewolf spread eagle and chained to the block. There were 5 blood dolls and 5 vampires of a different type than our previous battle and 5 ghouls. Hovering above the altar was our enemy the black witch on broom.

Attack plan was determined. Rocket the witch, attack the ground forces, and banish the I.S.T. team and werewolf. Detonation charges were begun to be placed, when a wight approached Shoe. He evaded the contact and struck the ghostly wight and it dissipated. The sound of the rhythm then halted. Shoe then broke down a door, and began shooting at the ghoul filling the entrance. The banishment was begun as windows were shattered and casting began in earnest. The blast of my shotgun ended the life of the first ghoul, and I was hit by enemy fire which my protection prevented harm but struck me down. The werewolf and one member of the I.S.T. were banished. All our protection amulets did their job, and we continued the assault, but the amulets were gone after one use. I stood up again, and Shoe readied a flash bang grenade. One more I.S.T. member was banished and one failed to be affected. Shoe tossed in the grenade and the next ghoul was damaged by my attack, then I began to reload. An attempt to dispel a member then failed and a dispel was made against the witch which failed. Shoe fired shots at the witch which were ineffective. A fire bolt was performed and missed the witch also. The I.S.T. members were then beginning to awaken. Shoe fired the rocket at the witch which she dodged and it continued through the roof and exploded outside. Pieces rained down which were avoided by myself and the others. I let loose another volley at a ghoul, and another two were burning. Shoe fired pistol shots at one, and the other was taken out by my attack. The witch was attacked by one of the I.S.T. members and she fled. When the battle was engaged, the werewolves and blood dolls had made flight and were no longer targets. The final ghouls were destroyed and we gathered and proceeded to the cavern.

As we neared the entrance, a foreboding was felt by all. An I.S.T. member became transparent and went in alone. He returned and informed us a demon was playing around the gate. William determined the nature of the demon and we prepared an ambush. The I.S.T. member opened a wound and began to fake a dire situation. The demon poked out and began to approach the bleeding person. Shoe let loose a rocket which disintegrated the demon in one stroke. We then went to the portal and returned to our world again. We assembled at MHI HQ.

Warehouse clean up and Hero Pursuit
Joseph Cougar

After William and guest arrive and begin to survey the location, the place was circumnavigated by myself to spot important items such as escape routes and points of access. Then I return and inform the group of this. William discerns the nature of what is inside the building. Five vampires, five ghouls, five blood dolls, and five innocents.

The warehouse is square which is unusual, and is 3 stories in height. Flat roof, and no apparent mechanical observation equipment in place. The North and South sides have 2 floor high wide entry access doors. The East and West sides have one door and 6 small windows arranged two per floor at opposite ends and fire door access on each floor in the center of each floor. The West side has a small garage type door also.

We originally faced the North entrance which has train loading access for entire front and South entrance has cement pad for loading and distribution to trucks.

The werewolf then grabs rope and climbing equipment from truck and ascends the West side of the building and tosses down climbing ladder. The rest ascend to the roof. Two doors facing inward on the roof are the only points of interest on the East and West side of the roof. The edges of the roof are about 2 feet high.

A hole is drilled by myself and a viewing snake is employed to verify the interior activity. In the center of the lowest floor is a make shift altar where the innocents are bound and heavily doused with flammable liquid surrounded by two superimposed pentagrams with the vampire leaders in purple robes at the points of one and five blood dolls with drums on the other five points. The ghouls are distributed about the rest of the warehouse as guards. The blood dolls are beating their drums in unison in a slow rhythm.

William and the rest prepare to affect the sprinkler system to infuse Holy Water to do excess damage to the vampires. Shoe prepares to administer gas to immobilize as many as possible. The doors are prepped to open by drilling through concrete to access and remove the restraining bars that are there.

An hour is passed in this preparation. Using the special ammo, vampires are made primary targets, and ghouls to follow suit. After administering the gas we enter the building and set off the fire alarm. Chaos below ensues and Holy Water rains down. Shoe takes out a vampire with his rifle. I take out a second vampire and hit two more ghouls with my machine gun. A Sun bolt takes out a third vampire by William. Fire staff by Harriet destroys a fourth vampire. Werewolf takes out the fifth vampire. Another three ghouls are taken out by another member. Shoe takes out the fourth ghoul, and William takes out the final ghoul. Descent is made after a quick search of the offices for any possible information or phone leads and find nothing of importance. The blood dolls are bound and blindfolded to place in van to show the doctor at the current M.H.I. HQ. The innocents are now washed off of the flammable material and are untied and provided with some currency for expenses while returning to their interrupted lives when they finally will awake. The vampires are searched and we obtain some small currency and no further items of interest. A phone call to 911 and the police are informed of the five people who need assistance.

We then return to the upper floors of HQ to speak to the good doctor. The blood dolls are not in any situation that need further help as told by the doctor, and we place them outside a bus depot with some cash to allow them transport as needed.

We are just cooling our heels, when the doctor informs us of a visitor. This man called “The Fixer” is requesting our aid. Seems the I.S.T. has vanished. A video was studied whereby the ICE beast and defending heroes were battling outside and above the highest structure in Gotham when a freak storm appeared and grew in intensity. Suddenly all combatants are drawn into the darkness and sucked away and the storm dissipates. The time is midnight as this occurs. The same time as the combat was completed at the warehouse tonight.

William draws upon the clues to verify connections. Harriet assembles a magic map to survey the whole of Gotham. Proceeding to use helicopter and main elevators in the tower we analyze what was the influences in the event at the tower. Dark powers were used indeed. The Black Witch was determined to be the influence. When the magic map is completed, a pentagram is discovered. Five points of influence light the map. One of which was destroyed by our attack. The remaining four were enough to complete the disturbance. The center point was the location of the storm. An additional point was directly to the south outside the city proper. The werewolf had removed himself from the group upon the original arrival of The Fixer and was not in contact. He was then attempted to be located by magical means and was found at the south point, soon he was no longer able to be located by any means. A topological map was searched and referenced the location of the werewolf Cairn where our member lost the rest of his group.

The Black Witch was unable to be found as a scryguard was in effect. Additional sources are being sought to ascertain her exact location promptly.

Necro book Disposal and Club excursion
Joseph Cougar

Finding myself among the other members in the cave, I met with the newly rescued visitor who has a vivid memory of the distant past and unusual friend list. We were then visited by a siren who captivated my attention and was accompanied by our location’s owner. They dropped off the book called Necronomicon or something. They left quickly afterword before I even got their names which is not according to protocol.

The book needs to be destroyed was the consensus of the team that was present. Separation being made into 9 parts and disseminating in several exotic locations including Volcanoes on the Mariana Trench, A Swiss bank vault, swift trip to center of Sun itself, and other live volcanoes. The multiple space trips to the sun was orchestrated with The Batman himself, who took possession of 3 of the tomes. I.T.S. contact information was made available to one of our group who was indeed interested.

We determined to take the bottom up approach of finding the bishop vampire. We chose to pursue the trail of the crimson rose and visited the three members currently in custody at the nearby prison. Obtaining the one who was tainted and a Thrall, we then interrogated him outside the prison and found that his gang hideout two years ago was Club Zero and got the name of the gang leader. We then returned the culprit to prison again.

Deciding to scope out Club Zero, we prepared for a visit. After being detected by metal detectors, Joseph relieved himself of several throwing knives. We were then invited to an elevator to partake in a meeting. The knives were then politely returned to Joseph. Seems the local mob boss had noticed our arrival and wanted to chat. The elevator descended and we met with the man. We declined a direct invitation to perform direct tasks for this individual, however we had a mutual interest to eliminate a group of vampires. The mob leader informed us that no vampires reside or participate in his organization and are no longer found at this club. The mob boss gave us an address to investigate. He admitted the interest in obtaining the name and location of the vampire bishop if we could determine that information. He then dismissed us and we went about an evening of pleasure at the club.

The location was a warehouse in a train yard. We brought the werewolf and began investigation of the area. The team suggested to the werewolf who then transformed into wolf form and began investigating. Scrying was attempted but wards were in effect and no alarm was raised by the attempt. The werewolf proceeded to take out two guards and determined that at least 20 tainted individuals were in the warehouse proper. He informed us of this after returning to human form and rejoining the group.

Bag and Grab
February 12, 2012

Taking a look in the stolen van, Branden picked up on the guy’s scent we are seeking, and we decided to go into club “Zero” via the roof using the fire escape. Finding no problem we overhear 4 muffled silencer shots and then after picking the door, enter the office section on the top floor. The light is on in the distance and Branded picks up scents of several people. Two “vanilla” humans and three tainted ones. The tainted humans also are smelling pretty dead as of now. We find the man of the hunt inside a locked room and remove him from the premises with no problem and return to the clinic of operations.

Shortly after getting some mysterious clues about the location of the mage target from the released victim, who has recovered from his drug induced sleep, we allow the guy to drift into slumber again. The call is made to Mack and we notify him we have recovered the man he was seeking. The Crimson Rose gang makes a new arrival and surrounds our building. The clinic staff of two seek shelter in the basement, and we go to the roof with sleeping beauty in tow.

Shoe sets up traps of flash bang grenades on the roof entry door, and the fire escape. William is having a chat with the gang after making a call to the police requesting their immediate presence to handle the tainted gang influence that is about 21 strong. I identify roughly 5 on each side of the building and they request we deliver the man we just freed to their custody once again. William is obliging them with a retort or two and the gang forms 10 on the side of the fire escape and 11 on the front of the building. We then remove the traps at the fire escape and ceiling entry door. After a bit of chat back and forth, the leader of the gang decides to come up to get his quarry. The police arrive in force, and the other gang members begin to flee. The traps have been removed, the gang leader is put to sleep and taken to the secure basement. I announce myself to the arriving police force while the rest of the group goes downstairs. The staff comes out of hiding and I give my information to the police indicating the showing of weapons did occur by gang members, and that my current undisclosed activities must have caused the gang to come to this location.

The bug that was found on the M.H.I. van is uncovered and put on the S.W.A.T. police van for chuckles and grins. The remainder of the group takes the gang leader and delivers the man to Mack as we promised and then we proceed to the warehouse where Mr. Riley was based before. I have collected some video equipment and flush out the warehouse with monitors and video stream to allow some additional protection to our new home.

Burnt Offerings
February 7, 2012

Arrived at destroyed headquarters and lost my nerve when Harriet arrived unexpectedly. Nosed around the building to only find a still intact hard drive and recovered some material for chemical analysis.

We then returned to our safe house to investigate the items and determine what we could about the fate of the building. Seems the payroll file and some security recordings were on the drive, and the chemical results were some thermite and magical components. The video recording showed a person with a large suitcase entering the lobby and then the restroom. Chaos followed. We determined that the person must have been a mercenary who had multiple teleportation runes which then did a rapid dispersion throughout the building which included thermite as explosive material. The wards on the building were supposed to keep the teleportation from outside the building but intensified the effect of explosives set off within the building by this means.

During the time before the fire, the vampires were having some sort of meeting and five were present. Two seem to have been intruders. Charles informed us that an ultimatum had been the intent and was obviously declined.

Cassandra then came to our location. The next task is to be collecting the newly summoned mage by the enemy. Harriet also received a call requesting we visit Mack as soon as possible. The group with Branden and the mage we recovered from Budapest went to Mack’s in the M.H.I. van.

Arriving at Mack’s I enjoyed a steak sandwich and coffee, while Mack engaged us in discussion of loss of the chess enthusiast whom he wished to recover. The man was abducted into a van whose license plates were identified. This turned out to be a stolen van, and a probable location of the van at the club where the mafia lord is known to be. We headed out for the club, and identified the stolen van behind the building and the two bouncers out front as Thralls.


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