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All in a days work

Warlocks and Demons and Drugs, oh my!

Our intrepid adventurers are relaxing in the lounge/briefing room at M.H.I. Gothem H.Q.. William and Sun are generally provoking each other with sophomoric name calling whilst Harriet chimes in with sarcastic jokes adding fuel to the fire. Igor watches in silent amusement as usual whilst Jeeves serves drinks. Their old companion Charles “Doc French Fry” joins them for a few moments explaining that he has been moved from active operations to the REMF team as befits a skilled surgeon. Charles is then paged for a medical emergency and leaves, explaining that, “Someone probably got a splinter in their ass”. At this point the boss lady, Ms. Cassandra, enters and gives them their assignment; to find out why occult crime has suddenly stopped in Gothem City. Normally this would be considered a good thing, but everyone suspects it is a prelude to something very, very bad.

At Harriet’s suggestion and after long and pointless bickering, mostly by William, the team convenes at Mac’s pub. There they feast on the world’s best steak sammiches (I know it’s spelled wrong Aly), and the world’s second best home brewed beer. Igor engages one of the locals in a game of chess and soon deduces this ain’t yer average bear. The chess player is Ernest Eyes, a seer and visionary who directs them to the warehouse district on the docks. Eyes also refuses to trust M.H.I., telling the party there is great danger to them at M.H.I. upstairs, but as seers are wont to be he ain’t exactly clear and forthcoming about his vision. Eyes also, out of the blue, tells William he will see Lucinda again. Then he exits stage left in a hurry.

William has the equivalent of a grand mal seizure in that he actually drops his cigarette and goes outside to sulk. Sun remains mostly silent but checks out the rest of the pub and it’s denizens knowing in his black little heart that there are dangerous cultists here who support the creatures in the World of Darkness. Harriet begins to pick at William, she having no social skills to speak of, but Igor explains that some people should just be left alone, especially when said people carry shotguns and blow things up in the name of the Lord.

Sometime later the team converges on the docks where they investigate the warehouse finally deciding to use some of their potent magical abilities they totally forgot they had. Eventually the rituals, bickering, contacting cop friends and reaching out on the phone for some sane advice from Charles, leads the party to discover the warlock under the bed..err warehouse. The party astutely deduces, from the pentagram and sacrificial altar, that the warlock is controlling at least one major demon. Igor hacks into the T.V. of the warlock and the team uses their new source of information to make their plans, reject their plans, make their plans, reject their plans, argue about making and rejecting plans, sulk about making and rejecting plans, rinse and repeat. Then Harriet gets sneaky-brilliant and calls in her mentors on the White Council, two of the most powerful mages on the planet. After which the party resorts to their original plan of gassing the warlock which works brilliantly as both Sun and Igor and accomplished chemists. The Wardens of the White Council insult Harriet then whisk away the Warlock to kill later at their leisure. The standard method being to strip the warlocks mana then chop his head off. It’s been effective for a few thousand years, why change a good thing. Meanwhile William gets upset over the whole sword of Damocles thing over Harriet’s head, which doesn’t seem to bother anyone else. The party also learns about mages and their death curse which they assume to be true, thus assuring nobody kills Harriet. (Very smooth Ellen).

The team investigates the underground cavern beneath the warehouse and with a combination of occult knowledge, forensic skills, logical thinking, old fashioned detective work and a bit (actually a lot) of luck, discover they have foiled a plot to push magical drugs on the underworld which would feed energy to the warlock making him immensely powerful. William is concerned as to why the Warlock is gathering the power and what is behind his plans and what made him evil and just what is defined as evil. The rest of the team doesn’t care and points out that Warlocks and some people are just fuckin’ bad and need to be ganked. The warlock is ganked, “Lets go home and have a well deserved beer”.

But wait there’s more! The team then remembers that they have an even greater danger, if not immediate, back at M.H.I.. Discovered with William’s divination talent and some common sense from the conversation with Ernest Eyes and that little bit of luck that keeps cropping up. Finally after much bickering, hypothesizing, divining, rinse and repeat cycle ad nauseum, the team, finds that M.H.I. is actually owned by four silent partners, all of whom are 8th generation vampire lords. The team knows the vampires in question are part of the Anarch movement, but are not sure just how much that means to them. Are they (the team) pawns, are they entertainment, are they destined to become a light snack? There’s just no telling what goes on in the mind of a Vampire. In the end the team decides not to worry about it as they enjoy getting paid lots of money and don’t have too many moral issues with who actually pays them.


Nov 26 2011 Air Chi beats Earth Chi:
After meeting these men and women that would become my fellow hunters for our first true test I grew concerned. It seemed obvious that William the Pleaser as he was called, had his chi severely out of balance. Although a powerful man of faith by what I was told, his actions were those of a wounded tiger seeking death in combat. Even among those he had come to name friend and allies he snapped and paced, seeking an outlet for an inner rage. Although I clashed somewhat with him in the hopes of learning more about the negative chi driving these urges I learned little. However our superior arrived and shortly thereafter swiftly brought us up to speed on what had been going on. It seemed that many dark chi users had ceased activity, which seemed to point to a gathering of power for a great force of dark chi. So we were sent to discover what was going on in the metal streets of the city.
We start by following or Wizard’s advice and heading to a local small pub. Mac’s caters to those who can see beyond “The Masquerade” be they wizards, vampires, or others, although most who frequented the place were human, or humanish. However the threat of cultists lurking in the shadows was ever present on my mind, for was this not an idea place for them to come just as it was for us, or others like us? I paid little attention to the activities of my party busy as I was trying to look at all the patrons at once and so it was not until we left that I learned two things of note had transpired. First, a seer by the name of Ernest Eyes (I had considered him a cultist until passing next to him and noticing his utter lack of attention to an obvious target when I presented my back for a moment) had told our fellowship that the docks were a place for us to look. Second that MHI posed a threat to us, the party. Interestingly the seer had said something to William (I heard it not) and it seemed to disquiet him. As we left William seemed to have withdrawn into himself, however the words of seer can be disquieting so I left William alone out of respect for his personal battle with the negative chi inside of him.
Mac’s had been a place ruled by Wood chi and balanced between positive and negative forces, a place of neutrality where one’s center was easy to find. However the warehouses by the docks were a place of metal and water, which when I reflect is not a great surprise. The city of Metal’s darkness has retreated to allied Water was all. At least that was my first thought. But after inspecting the warehouse we identified as containing our quarry it was obvious that Earth controlled this man’s allegiance. After much discussion I was finally able to convince my fellows that Air would be the favored element in this struggle and that even though our foe had dug a home into the ground beneath the warehouse and set dark wards to seal it Air would surely give us an advantage.
Unsatisfied with this simple answer our wizard called upon allies in a “White Council” which we learn is a powerful body of wizards that seeks to police its own. Using some sleep gas we knock the warlock out before the party the White Council sends. As I has told my companions, Air to defeat an Earth chi user. At least though the White Council members (Wardens? Council members?) were able to disable any lingering wards. Then they took the warlock and after acting hostile to our wizard leave. We discover that the wizard is held in contempt by some of the White Council for a crime she tells us she did not commit, so should she act against the laws set by the White Council she will be executed. With great magical power so to must come great sacrifice, and so to me this seemed a reasonable thing to do if one is unsure that a wizard may have turned to dark chi wizardry. William was rather upset though.

All in a days work

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All in a days work

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