Monster Hunter International

Bag and Grab

February 12, 2012

Taking a look in the stolen van, Branden picked up on the guy’s scent we are seeking, and we decided to go into club “Zero” via the roof using the fire escape. Finding no problem we overhear 4 muffled silencer shots and then after picking the door, enter the office section on the top floor. The light is on in the distance and Branded picks up scents of several people. Two “vanilla” humans and three tainted ones. The tainted humans also are smelling pretty dead as of now. We find the man of the hunt inside a locked room and remove him from the premises with no problem and return to the clinic of operations.

Shortly after getting some mysterious clues about the location of the mage target from the released victim, who has recovered from his drug induced sleep, we allow the guy to drift into slumber again. The call is made to Mack and we notify him we have recovered the man he was seeking. The Crimson Rose gang makes a new arrival and surrounds our building. The clinic staff of two seek shelter in the basement, and we go to the roof with sleeping beauty in tow.

Shoe sets up traps of flash bang grenades on the roof entry door, and the fire escape. William is having a chat with the gang after making a call to the police requesting their immediate presence to handle the tainted gang influence that is about 21 strong. I identify roughly 5 on each side of the building and they request we deliver the man we just freed to their custody once again. William is obliging them with a retort or two and the gang forms 10 on the side of the fire escape and 11 on the front of the building. We then remove the traps at the fire escape and ceiling entry door. After a bit of chat back and forth, the leader of the gang decides to come up to get his quarry. The police arrive in force, and the other gang members begin to flee. The traps have been removed, the gang leader is put to sleep and taken to the secure basement. I announce myself to the arriving police force while the rest of the group goes downstairs. The staff comes out of hiding and I give my information to the police indicating the showing of weapons did occur by gang members, and that my current undisclosed activities must have caused the gang to come to this location.

The bug that was found on the M.H.I. van is uncovered and put on the S.W.A.T. police van for chuckles and grins. The remainder of the group takes the gang leader and delivers the man to Mack as we promised and then we proceed to the warehouse where Mr. Riley was based before. I have collected some video equipment and flush out the warehouse with monitors and video stream to allow some additional protection to our new home.



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