Monster Hunter International

Burnt Offerings

February 7, 2012

Arrived at destroyed headquarters and lost my nerve when Harriet arrived unexpectedly. Nosed around the building to only find a still intact hard drive and recovered some material for chemical analysis.

We then returned to our safe house to investigate the items and determine what we could about the fate of the building. Seems the payroll file and some security recordings were on the drive, and the chemical results were some thermite and magical components. The video recording showed a person with a large suitcase entering the lobby and then the restroom. Chaos followed. We determined that the person must have been a mercenary who had multiple teleportation runes which then did a rapid dispersion throughout the building which included thermite as explosive material. The wards on the building were supposed to keep the teleportation from outside the building but intensified the effect of explosives set off within the building by this means.

During the time before the fire, the vampires were having some sort of meeting and five were present. Two seem to have been intruders. Charles informed us that an ultimatum had been the intent and was obviously declined.

Cassandra then came to our location. The next task is to be collecting the newly summoned mage by the enemy. Harriet also received a call requesting we visit Mack as soon as possible. The group with Branden and the mage we recovered from Budapest went to Mack’s in the M.H.I. van.

Arriving at Mack’s I enjoyed a steak sandwich and coffee, while Mack engaged us in discussion of loss of the chess enthusiast whom he wished to recover. The man was abducted into a van whose license plates were identified. This turned out to be a stolen van, and a probable location of the van at the club where the mafia lord is known to be. We headed out for the club, and identified the stolen van behind the building and the two bouncers out front as Thralls.



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