Monster Hunter International

Fairy and fey wanderings

Joseph Cougar

The information gathering at Mack’s was not fruitful. After returning to HQ, William and Solomon came through a gateway into the lounge. We then are asked to return using the gate. Solomon, Shoe, William and I then do so.

Emerging into vine and flower encrusted walled room, I begin to look around. Through a nearby cross shaped window, I observe that the sun is not in the sky and there are no shadows. There is an ambiance of ample light, however. Food and drink is nearby and seats too. I begin towards the food, and Shoe halts me midway. “Do not”. So, I take a seat and rest.

After Solomon clues all in to what had happened, I ask what is the plan. There is to be information that we need from the Duchess, who arrives in a while. After cordial greetings exchanged, she announces to enjoy food, drink, and conversation. We inform her of our needs and she provides from her personal armory several items. A pendant to prevent scrying for each, a ring of invisibility also to each, fey armor to each, knives for shoe and I, daggers, a broach and sword for our leader, an axe for myself, and a weapon shoe chose I am not familiar with. A shiraken I think. She then opens a gate which places us close to the winter castle which is our first location to search. The Summer court’s Knight is being tortured in a white ice room somewhere. We travel the gate and find a snow storm in progress and we proceed north. We hear troops nearby but not coming close. After, we travel for a time not seeing anything of merit, the snow fall becomes less and we can perceive the castle in the distance. Black Ice Walls of castle proper and high parapets are in view on a mountain top. We avoid the nearby path which is main entrance to the destination and circle about the mountain to ascend the rear entry way.

On the climb to the castle three caves are discovered and at least one has a dragon in it so we go on to the castle itself. Checking for entrances by stabbing the walls with a knife I find none. William searches and finds a door. Picks it and we enter.

We are in a room with two adjoining passages. Lots of searches goes on and we determine that only 8 other entities are in the whole castle. The castle keep is in the center. We go about the walls and ascend to the parapets. We finally reach the keep itself. No easy entry is available as doors seem to be barred from inside. I successfully climb to the roof and drop rope for all to follow. The trap door on roof is lifted and shoe carefully peers into room to see a Troll waiting in ambush. We wait for him to emerge on roof for a short time and he meanwhile descends to next floor. We descend to the next floor entry and we observe him again. We attempt to cause him to sleep but he fights the effects. While he is drowsy, we stealth past him to the next floor which is one above the ground level. We find a dark elf looking at what turns out to be a magical map. The elf hears the troll trying to keep himself awake and goes to investigate. We then search about the room. I snap pictures with my cell phone. The map is some kind of invasion plan which is constantly changing in character, but no sign of white ice or location of our knight to rescue. We then go to the lowest floor.

There is a trap door in the floor which is dungeon. It is picked, opened, and we enter. In the dungeon we kill 5 elves of poor health. Then a fireball is let loose. We soak the damage to little effect and we soon take out the dark elf. The troll was taken out next. A female voice was heard in our exploration and we seek to find her as last occupant of castle. She avoids initial capture and we follow her into the cave proper.

Upon a large mound of hoard, is a female. William begins to negotiate. Upon transformation into dragon, Shoe lets fly the rocket from the LAW. The dragon dodges and a three headed dragon replaces the first and Shoe becomes immobile. Speaking on, the female in dragon form continues to banter with our party finally allowing Shoe mobility again. Our only bargaining chip is information concerning vampires. The female dragon shifter allows us the information to find the white castle finally after a long detailed speech by William. We are then allowed to depart the castle safely.

On the way out Shoe grabs the magical map. We then proceed to use a gate by Solomon to return to the white castle. An Orc greets us at the castle proper and find that it is almost as empty as the one we just left. We give the Orc the map after some discussion and the Orc proceeds to the Queen with it. We are then to open a new gate to proceed to our next location, the white castle.



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