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Hungerin for Hungary

Our intrepid heros, after finishing their last assignment, are reunited with Joseph Cougar the former D.E.A. agent. After quickly assertaining that most of the party cared less about why Joe was gone they got to wondering just who their actual bosses are, what they might be up to and how much does anyone know about them. Most of the crew saw that several of the office workers at M.H.I. had bite marks on their necks and that the security goons blocking off the upper floors seemed enhanced somehow. The speculations eventually came to nothing except the assumption that since the proxi bosses are vampires there’s no telling what they are thinking. The nature of good and evil regarding vampires came into discussion and again it was found that the nature of good and evil is subjective. One might note however, that Frenchy brought up many of a vampire’s herd are willing blood doners and often receive compensation in return. However, the bible might have a few hints for those who style themselves the children of Cain.

After the deep discussion the team found that the warlock known as Coldfury had escaped the wardens of the White Council. No one is quite sure how Coldfury escaped, only that it was unassisted and after taking a shortcut through Fairy Land to Bucharest. The team was assigned to capture Coldfury and return him to M.H.I. in Gothem City for questioning. M.H.I. would really like this to be under the wire so to speak and definately doesn’t want the White Council to know.

Eventually our team arrives in Bucharest and discovers through the Pleaser’s divination that Coldfury is in fact in Bucharest still. After hours of argument, whining, and general bitching because everyone has their own plan and no one wants to listen to anyone elses ideas the party finally decides upon a course of action no one really likes. Harriet uses ritual magic and gets an exact location whilst Igor then electronically infiltrates the targets room and finds him sleeping in bed. The rooms magical wards are defeated, the mechanical and electrical traps and alarms are bypassed and the crew gasses Coldfury again. The warlock is then zapped with a sleep spell and hauled off to the crews safehouse. Given that they flashed interpol I.D.s to everyone in the hotel they have probably gotten away with it.

What will our inrepid anti-heros do next? Will they interrogate the Warlock themselves? Will they be good little drones and turn him over to M.H.I. immediately for a fat bonus check? Will they turn him over to the White Council for a possibly fatter check? Will they accidently kill Coldfury with too much tranquilizer? Stay tuned for our next issue of Monster Hunter International; Things that go bump in the night (even if it is sometimes our heros bumping into each other).


Feedback time. The sad part is that it’s true. We only decided on that general course of action because it was the only set of things we could agree didn’t suck the most. It certainly wasn’t one of the worse ways we could’ve gone about it, but in retrospect… we did step on each other’s toes this last game. If it wasn’t for the GM stepping in and arbitrating between the players, that last scene could’ve taken all night with us blurting things and not listening to each other. What we need to do is go around the table, and give each person enough time to explain their thoughts before we shift to the next person, and make the rounds a couple of times before we decide to blow off someone’s idea because it sounds crazy. Case in point, Mr. Shoe was actually onto something with that silence-spelled wall entry. It sounded nuts at first, and unfortunately given the player’s history of desire to blow things sky high, I assumed he was going overboard yet again. But when I listened to his explanation, I realized he had a very good point. So did Harriet’s player, when she finally got the turn to speak and others actually heard her. I’m just as guilty of this, so this isn’t the blame game… I’m just saying we need to organize this whole plan discussion thing so we can move on with the game a little faster and stop shouting over each other all the time. Too many people are getting ignored and having toes stepped on. And we were all rather impatient last game. Everyone needs to be heard if they have something to say. (That isn’t stupid or a bad pun or a dirty joke.)

We did sort of need a group leader that time, just to get everyone else to shaddup and listen to each other for a few seconds. And I don’t think that group leader should be Joseph Cougar aka Frenchy either. But um… given all of our prospects, none of us are particularly leader-ly… I mean shit William is probably in the best position to act as leader, despite the fact that he’s a crucifix-gun-toting ex-priest necromantic asshole with far more disadvantages on his sheet than anyone should have.

But seriously, I think someone is going to have to pick up the leader hat eventually, if only for certain situations. In my L5R game, we had two leaders: one was the leader only in combat situations, the other was leader in everything else, including social situations. I am thinking Will should be the second one, regardless of his abrasiveness, as he can be smooth when he needs to be… which is apparently a lot, if he’s going to have to delegate a little. I really wasn’t planning on making this highly flawed character a leader type when I made him, but I now think he needs to step up and take that role.

Anyone want to second the motion? Shoot it down? Throw tomatoes? Or even… suggest someone else??

-William’s player

Hungerin for Hungary

ERROR: Meant to say Frenchy, not Joseph Cougar, when saying I did not think he should be group leader. Sorry there Jon, for some reason I thought Joseph Cougar and Frenchy were the same guy, and I was actually meaning to say that I did not think the GM’s character should be our party leader. Was not poo-pooing your character.

Sorry for the confusion there!

Hungerin for Hungary

I agree, however I do not think we really have a character with a good leader skill set and some players have a preference for the slow-but-sure method, like Jon, not bad but not ideal in a snap decision moment. Shoe has an advantage that lets him always act first so he has potential but he just stopped being a vigilante that solves werewolfs by running them over with silver-grated cars, being part of a group still new to him. Also very unfriendly, he definitely is not a candidate for out of combat situations, except torture and interrogation. Perhaps we should make choosing a leader the subject of next game? I approve of having 2 leaders especially since characters that are powerful in one area often are not in another.

Hungerin for Hungary

To Vincent: The prospect of making the choosing of a leader the subject of our next game… sounds okay to me, although most of the decision will be a rally of whining and bitching about why this or that character would suck as a leader. What we might need to actually do is have the GM either choose for us via an NPC, OR… send an NPC to help us make our decision and then make that character the official leader who holds the most responsibility and delivers the reports, that sort of thing. I like the combat leader and out of combat leader idea… I am thinking Sun Shoe for combat leader. The only thing that makes me hesitant is your OOC tendency to cause FAR MORE EXPLOSIONS THAN SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE NECESSARY. Also: Martin and I discussed it, and I really couldn’t tell when you were joking and when you weren’t last game. If all of that was joking, then sure, you’d make a good general combat leader, provided you can be serious when shit comes down to it, and make yourself aware of each of our personal combat capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. We’re seriously going to need to rp with each other some more and have this discussion ICly. Maybe Shoe can lead if he tries. I’m willing to bring William into a more leader-like position for the sake of the group and the game flow, for example. Anywho. We can do this all more on Friday.

Hungerin for Hungary

(The following is William’s personal log of events last game, which he may or may not keep to himself)

My two cents on this whole discovery about the origins of M.H.I… having given it more than, I don’t know, a minute or two of thought, I’ve come to this decision about it: none of it means a damn thing.

M.H.I. is ultimately a business. Whatever motivations these sons a’ bitches Cain have for investing money into hunting down enemies of humanity and the veil is their own business. What’s it got to do with me? Way I see it… I’m making money to do exactly what I would be doing for free anyway. So where’s the problem? … Exactly.

Now, if I later find my progress impeded by these rich fucks, I won’t hesitate to blow ‘em to pieces. But as long as they don’t stand in my way, I don’t give a shit what the Bible says about ‘em. Vampires, werewolves, warlocks, fuckin’ tooth fairy and Santa Claus… they don’t feed on humans, I don’t waste my time looking. They can screw, have abortions, get married, worship Satan, go to hell and vote, for all I care.

The real monsters are the ones dragging others down with them. You can burn all you like, but don’t go takin’ anyone along with ya. Problem is… the damned are never satisfied. Always wantin’ more company. I should know… a rat always knows when he’s in with weasels. They’re not the same kind of bad as me… but close enough I can always smell ‘em. I won’t rest till I breathe in their ashes.

But that’s another story.

So that Coldfairy fuck escaped. Huh. Sounds to me like the White Council is all talk and no muscle, ‘cept the one in their heads. Thanks to their wardens’ astounding incompetence, we gotta do the job a second time. Good thing it was easy. Almost… too easy, come to think of it.

Hungary was where they’d lost him. Hah… I thought they were joking at first. Transylvania, for chrissake! Land of the free and home of the No-Life King… not to mention good ol’ Blood Countess herself Elizabeth Bathory. Christ, of all places, why’d they bring him here?

All the signs said he was still hiding in Bucharest. I was ready to hit the streets looking, but Harriet the Spy Mage pinpointed him in a hotel. Hid himself well, but he signed the book John Smith. You gotta be kidding me.

Hardest part was getting the others to shut up and listen to each other long enough to agree on a solid plan. Several good ideas came up. Shoe had this brilliant idea of silencing the area and then busting through the goddamn WALL to avoid traps on the door. Only problem, it was more trouble than we needed, really… but it’ll sure as hell make for a good plan B if we ever have to kidnap another damn sleeper in public.

We ended up double-tapping the warlock with the same sleep gas from before and a sleep spell. Igor nearly tranq’ed the poor fuck for good measure. No one had actually told him not to… till he had the gun right at the guy’s neck. Maybe he thought, instead of picking one plan, why not do all of them? I think this team needs to work on communication skills. Can’t blame him too much, though… if this Coldfairy nut slipped the oh-so-respectable White Council, maybe the ’can’t be too careful’ approach isn’t such a bad one.

Except we need this Coldfairy not so cold. Frenchy thought we’d killed him for a second. I’d care less if I thought M.H.I. didn’t have some other plans for him. They’ll probably interrogate him. We had no orders except to deliver the package… but I figure, it doesn’t hurt to do a little digging ourselves. Long as we don’t lose him.

M.H.I. gave us Interpol status, so the locals gave us no trouble when we carried him out. If we do our own interrogating, I’d do it on the plane back, keeping his hands and legs duct taped. Assuming he wakes up before we get back. If not, we’ll do it at the headquarters, provided we get boss lady’s sanction.

We need to consider Coldfury’s intentions in all this. Why’s he fuckin’ around with a demon, why shit in the water supply? The signs told me he was working alone… but there’s gotta be something else. I need to go over what we found in that basement again.

We haven’t left Bucharest yet, but we’ve got a private jet set to fly out in a few minutes. This whole thing is still ridiculous. I’m just waitin’ for Van Hellsing to turn around in the pilot seat at this point.


Hungerin for Hungary

Hmm Van Helsing, now that’s an idea…Muahahaha never give the GM ideas.

Hungerin for Hungary

I did it on purpose, ya dope.

Hungerin for Hungary

Jan 08 2012 A Need for Inner Peace
After a time we arrived back at our headquarters and spent much time discussing many things, mostly what should concern us about our organization being run by Western Vampires, and the meaning of “Good” and “Evil”. These things to me were academic questions, for we were employed to do bring about positive force against creatures of destruction and negative chi. As long as we followed the path of the Open Palm did the fact that in this temporal structure our superiors were creatures of negative chi truly matter? It is a matter of balance, just as they are powerful forces of negative there must be forces of positive to balance them out, we are simply a component of that balancing, it is inevitable. The concepts of “Good” and “Evil” are so… Western, to be so sure of the absoluteness of such terms can only come from a people so sure of their own rightness in the universe, not like my people. Unfortunately much of what was done was not debate but argument, it seems that despite what the group has done to learn to work together in battle we still have much discord when the outcome is not high stakes.
As the arguments seemed to spill into afflicting us all with negative chi our superior arrived with news that the White Council had lost the criminal dark chi Maho Tsukai and now we were to go obtain him for MHI. We are told that the White Council is not to learn of our activities and so we are to work to silently. After learning where the Maho Tsukai had fled to we set out immediately despite the negative energy still clouding our team’s health.
We swiftly arrived at Bucharest where we had to spend much time and effort convincing The Pleaser to be so kind and aid us with his fortune magic. After convincing, finally, The Pleaser to live up to his name we learned a few simple details of maho tsukai’s location. Despite learning this we again fall to argument, all of us seeking a different method of searching and failing to see merit in others. Fed up I simply agreed to go with another’s suggestion to break the stalemate we had delved into least our quarry finish showering, eating, sleeping, and taking a leisurely stroll to the next town, where we would find him and repeat the pattern until he had reached his eventual destination. Obviously our group needed to find a focus, a rebalancing, inner peace.
Fortunately once we find him despite my concerns that he would have fortified himself greatly it turned out that his defenses were light, mostly relying on being un-noticed to begin with I would assume. Again we repeated the process of arguing infinitely long but swiftly cut it short and decided to use the method that had served us before. This made sense to me since he was obviously strongly aligned to earth chi he would be most vulnerable to air even if he took precautions. So it was that we used sleeping gas and our maho tsukai cast a spell of slumber upon him.
Ensuring he was well bound we chose to rest, I brought forth the subject of our group’s need for inner peace individually to all members and most agreed that we needed a guiding voice, but discussing it would wait until later.

Hungerin for Hungary

again well noted. Thanks!

Hungerin for Hungary

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