Monster Hunter International

I.S.T. lost and I.S.T. gained

Joseph Cougar

We recovered from our stay in Gehenna and Brendan is back in health. We meet in the gathering room and are informed of the loss of all other MHI teams. Our three superiors then enter the room. They insist on our collecting more information about our many current adversaries and all neutral parties and collecting or destroying the Black Witch.

After being intimidated by our three vampire superiors we gathered at I.S.T. HQ and decided on coordination of efforts. Brendan our werewolf was to remain with the I.S.T. group and their mage Solomon was to join with our group. A salve has been provided to the I.S.T. members by Solomon to allow sight through the mystic veil. In addition, the Gotham Steel Wind has been removed from play midpoint between Chicago and Gotham. A magic map does not indicate the same pentagonal pattern so we are a bit stumped on how to proceed. The two points that are located at Chicago and Gotham are the only clues to the event.

We proceeded to Mack’s to find further information.



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