Monster Hunter International

Knight tour and Hero recall

Joseph Cougar

Entering the portal we find ourselves on a winter scene, we proceed along a path to arrive at three caves. One has the mark of a crown, another a snake, and the third a sword. We scout the first crown cave invisibly and with great stealth. We discover a cave full of what seems to be 10 dire wolves with 4 cubs eating caribou. Setting them asleep, we proceed on into the cave and overhear the duchess of winter court. We then exit this ice cave and proceed to the cave of the sword. Again stealthy and invisible we discover yeti. They also are put asleep, but the cave ends where they are. Returning out of the cave, we augury as to next option. Should we proceed to the last cave. Upon the cards we discover the first cave was the prize. We also find the second cave is a probably a fatal trap. Returning to the duchess of winter, she is gloating in her torture of the summer knight. We attack in force. A loud thud is heard. Shoe is defending against reinforcements, and tossed a flash bang grenade into the room, which returned, and he kicked it back for the win. I enter the room and fire my shotgun which harmlessly falls from a magical shield. Solomon summons a sword and strikes at the duchess who deflects the strike. William frees the knight from the altar and begins to heal him. The duchess summons ice tentacles which grab me. Shoe opens fire upon the wolves and kills two. Solomon begins gathering fire to cast upon the duchess. William begins to help the knight and together they leave the room. I break the grip of the ice and reload my shotgun. Shoe kills two more of the dire wolves and the remaining flee. Solomon casts the fire upon the duchess, and he makes a wall of flame and we leave the room following William, Shoe and the knight who are making good time now. Reaching the exit we find it is barred by an ice wall. William does a complete heal on the knight at this time. Solomon casts fire again and the door begins to melt. William then aids in melting the ice door. Finally it is dispelled, and our enemy the dragon is barring our exit. Parlay begins and then the summer duchess emerges from a magical gate and asks us to escape. Shoe throws two grenades at the dragon and all of the party emerge in the summer castle where combat in an adjoining room is in progress.

Shoe moves to engage one of the ogres. Three are here, one engaged with an orc, one with an elf magic caster, and a third ogre who is struck down by Solomon’s magic. I fire my pistol at the one attacking the elf and hit him twice. The elf is struck and crunches against a far wall. William goes to aid the elf. Shoe takes out the third ogre, the orc takes the first ogre’s head completely off. The second ogre has his head removed by the attacking summer knight. and combat is complete. After combat, the next room contains 3 more dead orcs and 3 dead elves. After searching the bodies, an amulet is on one of the elves which we decide is the instrument that opened the gate which allowed the ogres to enter the castle.

The queen, her court, and the duchess emerge into the castle. The queen pauses and then declares the castle is now empty of enemy. The duchess grants us leave to keep our loaned items due to our success in returning the summer knight who departs the room and agrees to see us later. We are then granted a boon each. I ask the queen to establish parlay with M.H.I. executives and decide upon terms for aid and support. The queen agrees that this will be done in due time, and asks us to decide on our boon. We engage in drinks and then leave the queen to join the knight to help us in forming our boon requests.

Pizza is served, along with drinks to each. I am served a steak sandwich. Shoe decides to ask for a weapon to fight the folk who slayed his family. I am undecided at this time what to ask for. We then return to the queen’s court for a formal meeting. The summer knight dressed in court attire leads into the ballroom and we are announced to all. The queen announces that the summer knight is freed from further duty, and the orc is to take the guardian role of the summer court and becomes the next knight of the summer court. Shoe then asks for his boon weapon and receives 3 weapons and a scroll which he promptly reads. Solomon asks for a portal for named persons to allow instant transfer to the I.S.T. location and safe transfer once we free them. The M.H.I. members, Solomon, and the summer court orc knight pass through the newly opened portal into a room in the winter court’s domain. A vampire is present who is quickly slain by shoe using one of his new weapons. The I.S.T. team is staked out with kindling wood at each one’s feet. Solomon does something to the doors of the room, and says we have little time. I pull a fairy knife and cut bonds on the tortured team members. William does a bit of quick heals and we leave by a portal quickly. We find ourselves in a medical bay at I.S.T. HQ and we are soon greeted by doctors and staff and the other I.S.T. team members.

The task at hand is done, we must now determine the balance of forces aligned against us.



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