Monster Hunter International

Necro book Disposal and Club excursion

Joseph Cougar

Finding myself among the other members in the cave, I met with the newly rescued visitor who has a vivid memory of the distant past and unusual friend list. We were then visited by a siren who captivated my attention and was accompanied by our location’s owner. They dropped off the book called Necronomicon or something. They left quickly afterword before I even got their names which is not according to protocol.

The book needs to be destroyed was the consensus of the team that was present. Separation being made into 9 parts and disseminating in several exotic locations including Volcanoes on the Mariana Trench, A Swiss bank vault, swift trip to center of Sun itself, and other live volcanoes. The multiple space trips to the sun was orchestrated with The Batman himself, who took possession of 3 of the tomes. I.T.S. contact information was made available to one of our group who was indeed interested.

We determined to take the bottom up approach of finding the bishop vampire. We chose to pursue the trail of the crimson rose and visited the three members currently in custody at the nearby prison. Obtaining the one who was tainted and a Thrall, we then interrogated him outside the prison and found that his gang hideout two years ago was Club Zero and got the name of the gang leader. We then returned the culprit to prison again.

Deciding to scope out Club Zero, we prepared for a visit. After being detected by metal detectors, Joseph relieved himself of several throwing knives. We were then invited to an elevator to partake in a meeting. The knives were then politely returned to Joseph. Seems the local mob boss had noticed our arrival and wanted to chat. The elevator descended and we met with the man. We declined a direct invitation to perform direct tasks for this individual, however we had a mutual interest to eliminate a group of vampires. The mob leader informed us that no vampires reside or participate in his organization and are no longer found at this club. The mob boss gave us an address to investigate. He admitted the interest in obtaining the name and location of the vampire bishop if we could determine that information. He then dismissed us and we went about an evening of pleasure at the club.

The location was a warehouse in a train yard. We brought the werewolf and began investigation of the area. The team suggested to the werewolf who then transformed into wolf form and began investigating. Scrying was attempted but wards were in effect and no alarm was raised by the attempt. The werewolf proceeded to take out two guards and determined that at least 20 tainted individuals were in the warehouse proper. He informed us of this after returning to human form and rejoining the group.



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