Monster Hunter International

Something Wicked This Way Comes, Part 1

(William’s Report & Account of Events)

This job with the agency has always been just that to me: a job, and a damn convenient one for me to pursue more important endeavors in my agenda. I use them, they use me, all toward a mutual goal. But I let this last mission cloud my thinking… no, I let M.H.I. do the thinking for me, made some fair but banal assumptions, and ultimately forgot to think for myself. That was almost a fatal mistake.

Once we collected the “package,” we headed to the address we were given for the M.H.I. safe house. It was a literal house, a nice rich place with at least a couple’a acres of property. Neighbors are nearly half a mile away. We get in and lock it down quickly. Place has a moderate web of wards around it, nothin’ to sneeze at. More than my three-room apartment.

Coldfairy was out cold. We put him on the floor naked and duct-taped in the middle of the room as we sit around with a few MREs, blowing smoke and preparing to interrogate our captive ourselves before we hand him over to the agency’s inquisitors. Figured we’d board the private jet a few hours later.

While we’re waiting for Coldfury to come to, the subject of leadership is broached, and our team’s complete lack of it. That was the only thing we all agreed on—we needed one. But as for who, each man’s vote was probably reserved for himself. During the drive over, I’d already told Shoe my solution. We have two leaders instead: a combat leader to make snap tactical decisions and coordinate our abilities under fire; and the loudest schmuck who cannot only delegate orders, but actually convince the rest of the group that whatever he says is somehow a good idea.

It seems that schmuck turned out to be me. Once we got settled, Shoe touted the same suggestion as his own idea, which earned him my resounding praise for sheer originality. Still, the idea was welcomed, and Joseph Cougar promptly entered with his first jewel of the night: “I think I should be the slow leader.” Cougar, you have earned the title.

All this talk of leadership, of course, was conveniently discussed while Igor was having a losing battle with the shits. I took the floor next and nominated Harriet for combat leader. Yeah, she’s a kid, but a damn powerful blast-slinger with some unnervingly clever cogs in her conk. She won’t freeze when the shit hits the fan, and the range on her spells means she can command from the rear. Harriet wasn’t exactly expecting to get volunteered, but Shoe seconded my motion once we pointed out he’d be too caught up in melee to grasp the big picture. That, and when Frenchy pointed out how leadership would hamper his ability to blow up werewolves, Bruce Lee relented.

With that quick and painless decision out of the way, the little sorceress nominates this old wheeler-dealer, and I had to laugh. What next, they gonna start calling me Father? I gave up setting example the day my family was taken. But before the others can do more than sputter protest… I feel it. Harriet too—something evil was coming this way, and fast, like a freak storm from the Old Testament.

I wasn’t about to become Gomorrah. We shot up and bolstered the windows, warning the others of the approaching dark force. I couldn’t tell what it was at first… it felt like a demon, but not. It was some kind of magical evil. Everyone else jumps from their chairs and we put our backs together as, in the next few seconds, wizard eyes see nothing but dark skies surrounding us. One peek out tells her the temperature’s dropped like a stone and the air’s dead like we’re in the eye of a goddamn tornado. A moment later and our surveillance cuts out. As magical energies are gathering, we prepare for the worst while Frenchy keeps in the center like a good combat medic should. Nothing to do but wait.

Next thing we know, it’s here. In the fucking house.

Can’t see it, but there’s a presence, and the hairs on the back of my neck tell me something’s going to die tonight. I’ve got the chalk in my cigarette hand like it belongs there, but just as I’m starting to draw a protective circle, Cougar makes a fast break to what he’d identified as a trapdoor in the floor to another room below. Together we pry it open while the others ready their weapons.

Meanwhile, whatever it was had already been prodding and picking at the ward snare, but once it appears in the house… the whole web frays like a net that’s caught fire. Two seconds later and the wards are broken. It’s materialized somewhere in the building, now. Harriet says it’s a gateway to Faerieland that just opened up. I had to pause half a moment at that—yeah, everyone knows about the Grimm fairytales, but even the Unseelie shouldn’t have any business with us. It had to just be an easy route, a loophole around our defenses somehow.

But I was too busy jumping down into the basement to think about any of that. We didn’t know what was coming, but the more obstacles between us and that gate, the better. It’s dark down there, but it’s safe, and the others come after me with Coldfury in tow while Cougar and Shoe hang onto the two ladders with their eyes and weapons trained down the dark hallway toward the bedrooms.

That’s when we hear a voice… can’t tell what it says, or even if it’s a man, but it’s uttering words of power. Cougar catches it, though: “Kill them all, take the warlock alive, then get the fuck out.” Gentlemen, I think a challenge has just been issued.

I feel a mad grin then, ‘cause I know it’s them or us, and no way around it now.

Harriet mutters something about smelling a graveyard and ghouls. Now those I know: ghouls are twisted creatures, split from humanity long ago, which now only resemble us like dark shadows. They come out at night and feed upon corpses like packs of starving jackals. They aren’t even undead, so there’s no way to turn ‘em. All I can do is make a safe point, but I don’t have more than 10 seconds to make the pentagram, if even that. This was going to work, or we were going to be in trouble.

I know the pentagram won’t do shit against the ghouls, but those things are obviously being controlled by whatever opened the portal. Harriet knows exactly what it is: “Vampires!” Kid’s got a plan now, and it’s a sensible one—draw in the ghouls, then fireball in the hole. It was perfectly coinciding with mine, which was to pentagram the shit out of the basement before whatever broke through the safe house wards tries to slip in around us. If they got too close, we’d use the trapdoor as a bottleneck and pick ’em off like ticks from a hobo.

If I’d stayed up above, I could’ve tried to dispel the gate, but no telling if I would succeed, given how whatever it was folded our preset defenses like a house ’a cards. But then, I can do much, much better than cards.

(To Be Continued…!)


Joseph mutters to himself something to the effect, “I was guarding the front of the building and issued the notion to Frenchy to pull away the rug, and open the trap door. And we sat ourselves on the edge of the trap door at each end where the ladders were fixed, so Bruce Lee and I could deliver the destruction as needed. That is how I recall the nature of the setup before combat ensued.”


You use so many nick names. Can you even remember our real ones?


A/N: the things in Italic our Harriet’s thoughts
Harriet the Detective’s Journal : “Safe” House, part 1/3
Today I learned what happens when you mix the nevernever, ghouls, vampires, and excessive amounts of explosives. Then stir in the team to the cauldron, and serve with white wine.
We had the “bad” guy naked, taped up like a Fed-x package , and we were just waiting for Eye-Gore to finish “powdering his nose” it’s the Hungarian water that does it so we can interrogate said bad guy. Somehow while waiting the subject how desperately in need of a leader we are came up.* desperate enough to take me and William leaders*
" I think the kid should be the combat leader" wheezed out Free Willy. Whoa, me leader? How could I lead! I’m just a kid. I mean there has to be a better option…right… don’t answer that Yeah, I agreed. If I’m combat leader where does that leave the others? I suggested William the Pleaser for regular leader he can get them to actually SHUT UP long enough to even be lead. Joe Cougar volunteered to be the ever so precious “slow leader” couldn’t make that up even if I tried. Igor is our walking gun encyclopedia he’s defiantly got the personality for that position . Sun Shoe takes the place of our own personal Kato_ only not as smart._ Charles is poster boy we need someone SANE to represent us to the public._ Not that anyone cares our plans on fallowing orders ether way._
To the cool stuff that people care about. Chills and thrills went up the spines of the ex-priest and I. A dark disgusting air flowed through filling the room with the scent of moldy 3 month old lactose, drenched in cat urine, with a pleasant touch of microwaved dead rat don’t ask how I know what those things smell like. As the creepies got closer I unleashed the mighty wizards eye. I cast the great spell, letting forth my magic energy and expanding my supernatural senses to detect, there is something dark coming to us. Wow that was helpful I could have never figured that out on my own. I ordered everyone into the basement we totally forgot was there, but told Joe and Sun to stay at the top of the ladder and shoot any evil doers that came this way current part excluded. Eye-Gore started going through the crates that were in the back of the room, while Will started a very nice looking pentagram around the room. That’s when I felt it. The smell in the air, and the way the magic was flowing around me could only mean one thing.
Who let the ghouls in through the nevernever!?!
to be continued…(I did this in 3 parts because you get 1 point per thing you post and if I post 3 times…)


Nice try Nelli. You get 1 point for an adventure log submission per game session, no matter how many parts you divide it into. Unless you really impress me with the writing, then you might get 1.5 points.


my dad I want to take back my prevously stated statmunt( the one that said I er NELLIE doesn’t get 3 points) I also want to let it be known in public writing that my daughter can stay up as late as she wants, go to school only when she wants, and just genaraly get away with every thing.
Marten Shaffer


I see I should not have left my computer on with the auto login feature for Obsidian. LOL as it is obvious my account got hijacked by some unknown entity.
the real Martin shaffer (who knows how to speel his owen name.)


Harriet’s journal entry is awesome. Will you ever post parts 2 and 3? Or are you waiting for Will to finish HIS Part 2 (and/or 3) first? (Hang on I feel a wheeze coming on. Maybe I need a drink…)


MHI Log 1
After much consideration I have decided to commit some of my thoughts to papyrus in the hopes of better understanding a world which more and more obviously encompasses so much more than perhaps any one being can understand. Even at times, the insights of enlightened thinkers fail to comfort me. Perhaps it is because the world is cast in shadow instead of light, at least the part I find myself walking these days.
This was an interesting week. It began, perhaps unusually, in the element of Air. Aboard a plane myself and my contemporaries were flying into Hungary seeking a “warlock”. Warlocks, not being werewolfs, were mostly outside my field of expertise, or for that matter, interest. I had listened with half an ear as our wizard (Harriet Dresden) had spoken of some of the powers wielded by those bearing that mantle. Notably they seemed to have a “death curse” which could go off under any number of conditions resulting in the passing from this mortal coil by the one to set such a curse. I wonder what kind of ki energy such a thing would tap into if it strikes from beyond the grave? Perhaps it is a form of spiritual vengeance by ancestors given form and shape by the thoughts of the wizard that laid it down and allowed by the opening of the doorway for the soul to pass to meet the ancestors, allowing them a brief moment to act in our world? Secondly was the ability to, with great time and effort, accomplish most magical feats. This feature worried me the most as it meant that given enough time and wisdom even a weak warlock could prove to be a task like wearing down a mountain, one drop of water at a time. This is why we were flying, to swiftly find our target and prevent him from getting the time he needed to become entrenched.
After arriving we took the time to consult various ocular signs, notably William the Pleaser (his preferred title) made avid use of tarot cards. Although some seemed insecure with this method I felt it reasonable, after all had we not just spent so much time using air chi to arrive? Earth chi to balance seemed appropriate, and the way William the Pleaser worked I had little doubt that his chi was focused on earth and fire, considering the cards did not burst into flames, earth seemed the most sensible force he would be using.
Using the information gathered my compatriots determined the location of our target, a moderate hotel. Here we used identification issued to us by our superiors at MHI to gain access and cooperation. Soon we reached the room where the warlock known as “Coldfury” had rented. Coldfury, an interesting name, I wonder if it is meant to describe his abilities or something else in his life. What we know of him is little, after our wizard summoned others, I believe they were “Wardens” or “White Counsel” although Wardens seems more likely as the word implies police like behavior. Strangely for a group dedicated to enforcing rules and a name implying skill at securing defenses they seemed to have lost him in Hungary. William the Pleaser had remarked on this as a lack of skill, however I wonder if he was let go either by the Wardens or an ally we are as yet unaware of.
Having located him we spent a great deal of time arguing about how best to apprehend him a second time. Myself reasoning that fire and water chi were both represented in his name felt that it likely meant confidence in direct or power to power confrontations, hence an indirect approach was best. Previously we had worked to knock him out with gas but despite what our divinations told us of him working alone I felt a reliance on the repeat of even a successful strategy might end in failure. Reasoning that if air chi had failed us perhaps earth chi would provide I mentioned that most likely all his defenses would be on the door, so why not simply go through the wall of his burrow like it was a door? Although my first suggestion of using gas again was rejected at first, it was later returned and approved, my idea of remodeling the wall was rejected. After further discussion we proceeded and captured him, again. This highlighted our need to have an individual in a leadership role, since one was not appointed we felt we would have to decide on one after returning to a place of safety.
While arranging for an exit we relocated to a house used by the MHI as a “safehouse” where we could rest, change clothing, and generally go about our business. However, as we had settled down and finished discussing who would be our leader a terrible dark chi began to manifest itself. Soon the sky darkened and something forced open a portal from our world to what the magic users were calling “the fey” I believe. Seeing the signs of negative air chi it seemed to me most prudent to counter with earth chi, which fortunately occurred as it turned out the house had an escape tunnel running through a supply room in the basement.
Having just arrived we were concerned that the tunnel might be trapped and so my compatriots decided to investigate cautiously while one set up a mystic seal to hold out evil spirits. Since I could not determine the presence of werewolfs it seemed prudent to follow our newly elected leader’s orders. In this case that meant for me and Joseph Cougar to stay in the trapdoor and delay whatever approached. While I heard many things I can only guess as to the other’s actions, one spent much time shuffling about I assume searching for extra defenses, our wizard worked to keep us all coordinated, while our priest put out a ward against evil.
The one searching discovered the escape tunnel, and then built a barricade for us to retreat too I am told, while he and another worked on this I and Joseph Cougar were delaying a large force of creatures called “ghouls”. These being were not the normal horror creatures as they lived and could move through the ward, as the first group came into the room we were using I worked to hamper their movement and force the ones behind them too slow down to get around their wounded comrades. I ignored shouted suggestions from below to aim for eyes and head, if they had air chi on their side such delicate shots were likely to miss. Of course my work was rendered moot when Joseph Cougar revealed he had some sort of machine-shot gun and destroyed most of the enemies in the doorway utterly.
At this point two important things happened, someone below discovered and began handing up grenades (fragmentation) and the other 40 or so ghouls broke through the walls adjacent to the central room. Having only handled grenades as props before a suggestion or two prevented me from making any truly terrible mistake. Also someone said they had discovered plastic explosives.
Our enemies stood revealed, a dark chi vampire and her minions along with ghoul foot soldiers. It seemed truly terrible to see the many evils lurking here, however our priest was holding strong and a ward kept the dark creatures at bay while we dealt with their foot soldiers. Here another unexpected development occurred, the one called Coldfury, previously captive, rose and worked to aid us, revealing that the creatures had come to slay him as he was their enemy. It occurs to me as of this writing that he may have been let go by the “Wardens” since they too are enemies of the vampires and seemed to have made no great effort to reclaim him.
Retreating I asked how long until the C4 was detonated, my military comrades at first puzzled swiftly explained to me that there was no detonator, fire would not work to set it off, instead a concussion was needed. I am at times amazed at how often people forget to see what is right in front of them, they had “flashbang” grenades which work by using concussive force. I grabbed one and stuck it inside the container, they all saw my meaning and began to run to the escape tunnel, at which point Coldfury landed next to me, stunned by an errant flash grenade. Catapulting myself and him into the tunnel we were just ahead of a terrible explosion mere moments after our priest’s ward collapsed.
We exited to see the house collapsing in, and a black limo coming to meet us. It turned out to be owned by an ally, one who hated vampires a “Van Helsing” I remember him being central to a few horror legends involving vampires. At this point my compatriots began talking, glad that our earth and fire chi had canceled and perhaps destroyed the negative air chi brought against us I listened little, if this man was to be our ally I was satisfied for now. He has been so kind as to shelter us while we return to our main place of work and so I write this, perhaps it will allow me to rediscover the balance I need to use positive chi against the seemingly endless creatures of negative chi lurking in the shadows of our world.


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