Monster Hunter International

To Gehenna and back

Joseph Cougar

Gathering our wits and being equipped with magic amulet of protection, we proceeded to the cairn. The vehicle was about a mile short of the destination when we changed over to magic carpet. We proceeded to location and found a small clearing with hill and cave opening. The area was filled with Wyrm taint. Entering the cave we tossed a small light pebble which proceeded about 40 feet then fell into a chasm. The mage tried minor light, then cast major light which then illuminated the passage. The mage and myself proceeded up to the drop and he noticed something. He cast a spell which revealed a narrow bridge to the other side. Going across we then discovered a room about 150 yards in circumference. 4 red candles were apparent with a fifth almost gone inside a circumscribed pentagram with an altar in the center. A gate was not active but present. The altar had mystic marks and covered in blood. William determined that two activations had occurred one on the night of the storm and one later. The blood was our friend werewolf’s contribution. The gate needed blood from an individual who was inclined to do good.

We determined to donate each a portion of blood to the altar and did so one at a time followed by healing. The gate was then activated. We proceeded through. On the other side, a reflection of the room we just left was there. Blood was on the floor and tracking skill determined the werewolf was dragged by our enemy The Black Witch. There were 5 candles present here and the gate remained open as we left the cave. Again dispelling the magic to reveal the cross bridge of the cavern, we proceeded to the outside.

Desolation and red skies with no sun were apparent. Boulders and a trail of blood trailing away from the cave. Gehenna was where we are. We proceeded to follow the blood trail and came upon a duplicate of the warehouse where combat was done not so long past. Shoe and myself did a circumnavigation about the building and found no distinct differences. I listened at the large door and heard the familiar beating rhythm in process. An hour we had before the ritual is complete. I drilled a spy hole and saw the I.S.T. on the center altar with our friend the werewolf spread eagle and chained to the block. There were 5 blood dolls and 5 vampires of a different type than our previous battle and 5 ghouls. Hovering above the altar was our enemy the black witch on broom.

Attack plan was determined. Rocket the witch, attack the ground forces, and banish the I.S.T. team and werewolf. Detonation charges were begun to be placed, when a wight approached Shoe. He evaded the contact and struck the ghostly wight and it dissipated. The sound of the rhythm then halted. Shoe then broke down a door, and began shooting at the ghoul filling the entrance. The banishment was begun as windows were shattered and casting began in earnest. The blast of my shotgun ended the life of the first ghoul, and I was hit by enemy fire which my protection prevented harm but struck me down. The werewolf and one member of the I.S.T. were banished. All our protection amulets did their job, and we continued the assault, but the amulets were gone after one use. I stood up again, and Shoe readied a flash bang grenade. One more I.S.T. member was banished and one failed to be affected. Shoe tossed in the grenade and the next ghoul was damaged by my attack, then I began to reload. An attempt to dispel a member then failed and a dispel was made against the witch which failed. Shoe fired shots at the witch which were ineffective. A fire bolt was performed and missed the witch also. The I.S.T. members were then beginning to awaken. Shoe fired the rocket at the witch which she dodged and it continued through the roof and exploded outside. Pieces rained down which were avoided by myself and the others. I let loose another volley at a ghoul, and another two were burning. Shoe fired pistol shots at one, and the other was taken out by my attack. The witch was attacked by one of the I.S.T. members and she fled. When the battle was engaged, the werewolves and blood dolls had made flight and were no longer targets. The final ghouls were destroyed and we gathered and proceeded to the cavern.

As we neared the entrance, a foreboding was felt by all. An I.S.T. member became transparent and went in alone. He returned and informed us a demon was playing around the gate. William determined the nature of the demon and we prepared an ambush. The I.S.T. member opened a wound and began to fake a dire situation. The demon poked out and began to approach the bleeding person. Shoe let loose a rocket which disintegrated the demon in one stroke. We then went to the portal and returned to our world again. We assembled at MHI HQ.


Yep, a few details missing and certainly Mr. Cougar’s perspective view, but overall correct.

To Gehenna and back

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