Monster Hunter International

Two Bishops and Black Witch are taken with prejudice.

July 4, Joseph Cougar

After recruiting another to our friendly ranks, the Black Pearl agreed to assist in the house cleaning of Gotham.

Johnny Marconi and others informed of us of security issues, and handled them as they could of course, then we proceeded to attack the current location of the Black Witch. An old police building was the place. Entry to the basement was made, and security against unwanted intruders was to be minimized. The blood dolls were to be removed without our assistance.

Gas was delivered to the building and we proceeded inside. Darkness was around and we proceeded to stairs near the elevator and proceeded up them. Nothing on any floor till we approached the third. A vampire was alert and approached down the stairs. He was dispatched quickly by Shoe, who beheaded him nicely. We entered the third floor and found another vampire trying to determine why his blood dolls were not alert but were asleep. Again, Shoe quickly dispatched this enemy. No alert was noticed to other enemy that we could perceive. Onward. We finished the third floor and came upon the last floor up.

Daylight was upon the interior rooms and the Bishops and Sabot vampires fell to dust. The Black Witch was engaged by our mage. Shoe began an attack on a ghoul. I took out a second and hit a third. William drew his shotgun. Shoe began a long fight with this ghoul who dodged and parried all he could deliver. I took out several more ghouls. William was good for two also. The Black Witch was severely hit and fell almost dead. William healed her to wellness. I put holes in Shoe’s ghoul who evaded all attacks by Shoe. The mage was successful in putting the same ghoul into flame but he pressed the attack on Shoe. Finally, Shoe landed a hit and the ghoul perished. Shoe placed a silver coin on the remains.

We gathered the Black Witch and returned to HQ in a black van, courtesy of Johnny M. Nothing of interest was found in the remains of battle.



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