Monster Hunter International

Warehouse clean up and Hero Pursuit

Joseph Cougar

After William and guest arrive and begin to survey the location, the place was circumnavigated by myself to spot important items such as escape routes and points of access. Then I return and inform the group of this. William discerns the nature of what is inside the building. Five vampires, five ghouls, five blood dolls, and five innocents.

The warehouse is square which is unusual, and is 3 stories in height. Flat roof, and no apparent mechanical observation equipment in place. The North and South sides have 2 floor high wide entry access doors. The East and West sides have one door and 6 small windows arranged two per floor at opposite ends and fire door access on each floor in the center of each floor. The West side has a small garage type door also.

We originally faced the North entrance which has train loading access for entire front and South entrance has cement pad for loading and distribution to trucks.

The werewolf then grabs rope and climbing equipment from truck and ascends the West side of the building and tosses down climbing ladder. The rest ascend to the roof. Two doors facing inward on the roof are the only points of interest on the East and West side of the roof. The edges of the roof are about 2 feet high.

A hole is drilled by myself and a viewing snake is employed to verify the interior activity. In the center of the lowest floor is a make shift altar where the innocents are bound and heavily doused with flammable liquid surrounded by two superimposed pentagrams with the vampire leaders in purple robes at the points of one and five blood dolls with drums on the other five points. The ghouls are distributed about the rest of the warehouse as guards. The blood dolls are beating their drums in unison in a slow rhythm.

William and the rest prepare to affect the sprinkler system to infuse Holy Water to do excess damage to the vampires. Shoe prepares to administer gas to immobilize as many as possible. The doors are prepped to open by drilling through concrete to access and remove the restraining bars that are there.

An hour is passed in this preparation. Using the special ammo, vampires are made primary targets, and ghouls to follow suit. After administering the gas we enter the building and set off the fire alarm. Chaos below ensues and Holy Water rains down. Shoe takes out a vampire with his rifle. I take out a second vampire and hit two more ghouls with my machine gun. A Sun bolt takes out a third vampire by William. Fire staff by Harriet destroys a fourth vampire. Werewolf takes out the fifth vampire. Another three ghouls are taken out by another member. Shoe takes out the fourth ghoul, and William takes out the final ghoul. Descent is made after a quick search of the offices for any possible information or phone leads and find nothing of importance. The blood dolls are bound and blindfolded to place in van to show the doctor at the current M.H.I. HQ. The innocents are now washed off of the flammable material and are untied and provided with some currency for expenses while returning to their interrupted lives when they finally will awake. The vampires are searched and we obtain some small currency and no further items of interest. A phone call to 911 and the police are informed of the five people who need assistance.

We then return to the upper floors of HQ to speak to the good doctor. The blood dolls are not in any situation that need further help as told by the doctor, and we place them outside a bus depot with some cash to allow them transport as needed.

We are just cooling our heels, when the doctor informs us of a visitor. This man called “The Fixer” is requesting our aid. Seems the I.S.T. has vanished. A video was studied whereby the ICE beast and defending heroes were battling outside and above the highest structure in Gotham when a freak storm appeared and grew in intensity. Suddenly all combatants are drawn into the darkness and sucked away and the storm dissipates. The time is midnight as this occurs. The same time as the combat was completed at the warehouse tonight.

William draws upon the clues to verify connections. Harriet assembles a magic map to survey the whole of Gotham. Proceeding to use helicopter and main elevators in the tower we analyze what was the influences in the event at the tower. Dark powers were used indeed. The Black Witch was determined to be the influence. When the magic map is completed, a pentagram is discovered. Five points of influence light the map. One of which was destroyed by our attack. The remaining four were enough to complete the disturbance. The center point was the location of the storm. An additional point was directly to the south outside the city proper. The werewolf had removed himself from the group upon the original arrival of The Fixer and was not in contact. He was then attempted to be located by magical means and was found at the south point, soon he was no longer able to be located by any means. A topological map was searched and referenced the location of the werewolf Cairn where our member lost the rest of his group.

The Black Witch was unable to be found as a scryguard was in effect. Additional sources are being sought to ascertain her exact location promptly.



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