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Welcome to M.H.I. campaign. The setting is Gothem city (Because it’s a fantasy city I can construct to my own needs and desires), Maryland, U.S.A..
You are new hires in the operations division of Monster Hunters International. You were hired because you have rare and unique abilities and have pierced the Masquerade hiding the World of Darkness from normal human awarness. M.H.I. while directly opposed to many of the monsters inhabiting the W.O.D. and living under the masquerade actually supports the masquerade and requires its employees to do so. This is a secret war and will remain so by orders of the government and more importantly by the people who pay you.
You will be working with an action team (your fellow RPGers) and are required to be employess of M.H.I. You have all been through M.H.I. training and orientation. You are all under an iron clad contract. This is non-negotiable, if you don’t like it, don’t play.
M.H.I. is compartmentalized, much like an underground guerilla movement, for safety. There are monsters out there more than capable of extracting information against someones will. Hence the compartmentalization, if you don’t know it they can’t get it out of you.
The cover for M.H.I. is a security organization specializing in detective, bounty hunting, body guard, and physical security; and in fact such services are provided. The real money comes from hunting down and collecting the bounties on monsters. These bounties are paid by various governments and corporations the details of which are confidential and need to know only.
All this should be in your character backgrounds, ie how you came to find your powers (all characters have the hunters sight{able to pierce the masqurade}, patron, hazardous duty and reputation as dangerous {to all within the W.O.D.} free of charge, how you were discovered by M.H.I. and how you were recruited. This is all required to be vetted by the Game Master.


Nice game you’ve got here, I really enjoy the mash-up of WOD, Harry Dresden, and GURPS.


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