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Where werewolf? Now dead werewolf.

January 31, 2012

The ruse for bringing our target to the park was sent. Our bait was Brandon. Shoe was to pulverize the target with a truck. Our marksman was to hit him first from a building across from the bridge in the park. The local defense was myself and William.

After setting up our situation, the bait was set with the sniper putting a round into Brandon which spewed copious blood, and he went down. Shortly thereafter, the target was seen and arrived in the park. Shoe had begun his approach with the vehicle, and the target was gloating over Brandon’s body. The target was then struck by the head shot and fell. William rushed over to pull Brandon from the pile of bodies, and I put a hail of bullets into the target. Shoe then promptly drove into the target’s body and finished the work, having missed Brandon and William.

Our distraction for the park police was in progress and we left the site taking a truck we set aside for the flight. I attempted to contact HQ only to find no answer. We then all received a text message indicating to go to ground thereby confirming that M.H.I. had been compromised and we needed a new safe house.

Charles suggested a free clinic that we went to, and established a perimeter to detect any trouble with gang members that were called to task by Charles. No success was made in attempting to reach our superior, and the TV news was broadcasting a large fire which was the M.H.I. headquarters. We decided to do a drive by of the fire to detect who the responsible party using a colorful van we borrowed from the clinic. The perpetrator was the vampire we had recently been attacked by in Bucharest. After we returned to the clinic we rested and waited for a new day.

The next morning, we had received another message from our superior to “obtain maximum information” about the attack on M.H.I. The deposit of money into our bank accounts as well as a large sum in a new Swiss bank account confirmed our worst fear that M.H.I. resources will not to be used for the present. I also decide police and even DEA sources will be monitored for my location and actions. We now intend to perform a close up look at the site and obtained equipment and unattended police van to do so. Harriet is currently unreachable.


Task-Team Bravo After-Action Report : 31 Jan 2012
Operation : Tin Can
Filed By : IR, 02 Feb 2012 – 2007 Hours, Local

2031Z – Preliminary recon of operation site.

2047Z – Bait, Support, Rush, and Firing positions set. Primary and alternate bug-out locations determined.

2151Z – Bug-out conveyances inspected and equipped.

2203Z – Final inspection of equipment complete.

2204Z – WP and JC in position.

2207Z – Range-Card complete. Primary, secondary, and tertiary lanes of approach and regress annotated. Reference ranges measured and annotated.

2211Z – SS in position. Ruse modification of rush vehicle complete.

2215Z – CBD set perimeter with irregular resources along primary lanes of approach.

2227Z – Ballistic charts for 188 grain silver-tip referenced. Distance and spin-drift corrections dialed in. Coriolis effect corrections calculated and dialed in.

2230Z – Temperature altitude and humidity accounted for. Corrections dialed in. Baseline marked.

2231Z – Silver-tip round in the pipe.

2233Z – Primary wind-value calculated. Hold-over obtained.

2235Z – Target requests “marker shot” placed upon his jugular with standard munitions.

2235Z – Silver-tip ejected. 207 grain FMJ chambered.

2236Z – Range, spin-drift, and coriolis corrections for FMJ calculated and dialed in.

2236Z – Temperature, humidity, and altitude corrections calculated and dialed in.

2237Z – Wind value calculated. Hold-over determined.

2237Z – FMJ round sent.

2237Z – Confirmed hit on Bait.

2238Z – Silver-tip in the pipe. Reset optic to baseline.

2239Z – Preliminary wind value calculated. Hold-over determined.

2242Z – Target observed moving past perimeter and around resources deployed by CBD.

2243Z – Target observed moving in primary lane of approach.

2243Z – Resources deployed by CBD dispersed.

2244Z – Target observed moving towards Bait. Target partially obscured by bridge.

2245Z – Target observed continuing motion towards Bait. Final wind value calculated and hold-over taken.

2245Z – Sliver-tip sent.

2245Z – Confirmed hit on Target.

2246Z – Target engaged in CQB by JC.

2246Z – WP moved to Bait’s position, executed fireman’s carry, and proceeded towards primary bug-out.

2246Z – Rush vehicle made positive direct contact with Target. Target pinned to rush vehicle hood.

2247Z – JC, WP, Bait, and SS execute primary bug-out.

2247Z – Fire observed at HD and CBD’s position. Negative contact with HD or CBD.

2248Z – Executed primary bug-out.

2249Z – Mission Status : Complete

Where werewolf? Now dead werewolf.

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