Monster Hunter International

Wherewolves and Vampire bait

Adventure post for January 27, 2012

Well we were all in for it this time. Having tarot cards choose our actions seems a bit worrisome, but was a bit faster than hitting the street blind. Even the informant confirmed an indirect approach to apprehending the new target for our activities.

With a tiny hope of progress we traveled on subway and ā€œLā€ train venue to pick up the trail of our adversary. The visit for steak sandwiches and coffee warmed me up, and I was ready for some heavy action but was informed by the informant that we would not engage the victim of our hunt until we made contact with those already in pursuit of this beast.

After a nap, we returned to subway and train travel at night. Seems sleep is going to be normal daytime activity during current pursuit of work for the present. The bunch of us were just leaving the subway when I overheard a scuffle of combatants down a tunnel usually reserved for maintenance. We approached stealthily and got the drop on 4 vampires and a beast in the thick of combat. The beast was not far from losing the fight. Shoe took out the closest vampire and I blasted the second, terminating his life span. Charles ended the life of the third vampire with a deadly head shot. The final vampire had been wounded by fire and was taken out by the beast with a massive stroke.

After we tried to photograph the vampire remains and nothing was visible on the screens of our phones normally able to capture photos, we realized which type of vampires they must be.

The beast identified himself and we then took him to a safe haven where he was healed and clothed, provided by William and guarded by friends of Charles. The werewolf who was now in human form discussed much about his situation and how he came to be alone in pursuit of our prey. He also gave me a name to run through police files and gather what little information I could about our common enemy target. The report of our combat was reported to our superior without turning our guest over at the present, and much discussion was made about various structures of living units made of vampires and werewolves. Seems this beast and family were selected to be eliminated and only he had survived so far. Even his brother beast our common enemy, had gone rogue and informed on his own group.

We are settled in for additional talk and consultation while our sharp shooter and munitions expert work on a project at headquarters.



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