Agnar "Snarl" Byrnwulf

Terminated with extreme predjudice


Name: Agnar “Snarl” Byrnwulf
Race: Lycanthrope Lupe Garou (Get of Fenris)

ST: 20(30) DX:15(18) IQ:12 HT:18

Acute Hearing-5, Acute Taste & Smell-5, Appearance (Attractive), Charisma-2, Claws (Talons), Combat Reflexes, Damage Resistance-20, Danger Sense, Discriminatory Smell, Enhanced Dodge-2, Enhanced Move-2, Enhanced Tracking, Fearlessness-5, High Pain Threshold, Intuition, Luck, Outdoorsman-4, Magic Resistance-5, Musical Ability-4, Night Vision-9, Parabolic Hearing, Regeneration (1HP/Sec), Regrowth, Teeth (Fangs)
Berserk, Bloodlust, Curious, Gluttony, Impulsiveness, Intolerance, Loner, On The Edge, Overconfidence, Sadism, Social Stigma (Criminal), Social Stigma (Monster/Garou Only), Stubborness, Vulnerabilty (Silver x4), Wealth (Dead Broke)
English (Native), Danish (Native), Ancient Norse (Accented)
Cultural Familiarities
European (Native), United States, Ancient Norse

Brawling-15, Camouflauge-16, Carousing-18, Climbing-14, Computer Operation-12, Escape-13, Fast-Talk-11, Filch-14, First Aid-12, Forced Entry-15, Guns (Pistol)-15, Hiking-17, Knife-15, Hidden Lore (W.O.D./Lycanthrope)-11, History (Vikings)-10, Holdout-11, Intimidation-11, Jumping-15, Literature-10, Lockpicking-11, Musical Composition-14, Navigation-15, Poetry-11, Musical Instrument (Guitar)-14, Performance-11, Pickpocket-13, Running-17, Scrounging-12, Public Speaking (Story Telling)-14, Singing-22, Skating-16, Skiing-16, Stealth-14, Traps-11, Streetwise-11,Survival (Arctic, Mountain, Plains, Woodlands, Urban)-15, Weather Sense-11


Punch 1d+1 Cut/Imp 15(11) [3d-1 Cut/Imp 18(13)]
Bite 1d+1 Imp 15(No) [3d-1 Imp 18(No)]
Kick 1d+2 Cut/Imp 13(No) [3d Cut/Imp 16(No)]
Dagger 1d Imp 15(10) [1d Imp 18(13)]
Small Knife 2d-2 Cut/1d Imp 15(10) [2d-2 Cut/1d Imp 18(12)]
Large Knife 3d-2 Cut/1d+2 Imp 15(10) [3d-2 Cut/1d+2 Imp 18(12)]

Agnar "Snarl" Byrnwulf

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