Charles-Benoit Deville

Military Surgeon


Name: Charles-Benoit Deville Race: Human Point Value: 300

ST:14 DX:16 IQ:18 HT:15

Attractive, Charisma-2, Combat Reflexes, Courtesy Rank (Lt. Col. Foreign Legion), Healer-4, Indomitable, Damage Resistance (Toughness)-2, High Pain Threshold, Language Talent, Reputation (Gifted Physician, Good Combat Officer), Resistant (Disease)

Addiction (Heroin), Addiction (Tobacco), Charitable, Curious, Code of Honor (Soldier’s), Compulsive Gambling, Compulsive Generosity, Enemy (Major Demon/Djinn), Impulsiveness,
Light Sleeper, Nightmares, One Eye (left), Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents),
Secret (Heroin Addict), Sense of Duty (Friends), Sense of Duty (Patients),
Vow (Hippocratic Oath), Weirdness Magnet

Addicted to coffee, Strong French accent, Minor Handicap (slight limp), Food snob,
Tatoo (Foriegn Legion Paratrooper/Combat Medic)

Cultural Familiarities
Africa, The Orient, Middle East, Western (Native)

Afrikaans, Arabic, English, French (Native), Russian, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese

Camouflage-18, Climbing-15, Connoisseur (Food)-17, Cooking-18, Diagnosis-20, Diplomacy-16, Electronics Ops (Medical)-17, Esoteric Medicine-20, Expert Skill (Epidemiology)-20,
Fast-Talk-17, Gambling-18, Hiking-14, Holdout-17, Karate-15, Knife-15, Leadership-18,
Guns (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, SMG, Light Anti-Armor, Light Machinegun, Grenade Launcher)-18, Hidden Lore (World of Darkness, Demons, Undead, Spirits, Faeries), Lockpicking-17,
Navigation (Land)-17, Occultism-17, Parachuting-16, Physician-20, Pickpocket-15, Running-14, Savoir-Faire (Military, Dojo)-18, Scrounging-18, Scuba-17, Search-17, Shadowing-17,
Smuggling-17, Soldier-17, Stealth-15, Streetwise-17, Surgery-20, Swimming-15, Tactics-16,
Survival (Arctic, Desert, Jungle, Mountain, Urban, Woodlands)-17, Teaching-17, Traps-17,
Naturalist-17, Pharmacy (Herbs)-17, Pharmacy (Synthetic)-17, Herb Lore-17, Motorcycle-16


Height: 5’10" Weight: 175 Hair: Long, black, braided; van-dyke beared
Eyes: One (left) green Distinguising Features: Legion tatoos (Airborn/Combat Medic)

Charles grew up a street urchin in Marseille, France roving with the local gangs until at 18 he joined the army to avoid prison. Charles served first as a combat medic then general surgeon with the Foreign Legion. He was mustered out after reaching the rank of Lt. Col. due to political problems, i.e. the Commandant and Charles did not exactly see eye to eye on anything. During his time in the Legion, whilst somewhere in the Arabian peninsula Charles encountered a Jinn of immense power which for some reason no one else could see. Charles reacted swiftly and called in a heavy artillery strike of mixed white phosphorus and daisy cutters which destroyed the demon’s earthly form and unknown to Charles got him a deadly implacable enemy.
After Charles mustered out he was unable to keep a job in the normal medical establishment due to his attitude and unusual conduct (providing free medical care to anyone who needed it) and began working with free street clinics across Europe, Africa, Asia, South and North America. During this time with the free clinics he gained a criminal record and learned to live on the streets, much as he did in his youth.
Fortunately M.H.I. has military contacts and obtained Charles’ after action report on the Jinn. They promptly contacted and hired him and Charles readily accepted since he gets to run a free clinic, get paid and he was a bit hungry.

Charles-Benoit Deville

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