Coldfury (AKA Riley Simmons)



Riley Simmons Human? Warlock

ST:12 DX:14 IQ:16 HT:12

Advantages (That you know of)
Attractive, Charisma-1, Magery (of some type), Unusual Background (Warlock), Voice,
Corrosion Attack-6 (Eldritch Fire)[6d, range 50/500, Acc+4, Level 16, Jet], Luck,
Damage Resistance-10 (Skin of the Demon), Dark Vision, High Pain Threshold, Indomitable, Ritual Magery (Warlock), Weapon Master (Katana)

Penetrating Voice,Quick Sheath, Style Familiarity (Kenjutsu-Nito Ryu)

Disadvantages (Again, that you know of)
Enemy (White Council), Secret (Warlock), Secret Identity (Riley Simmons), Weirdness Magnet,
Social Stigma (Criminal Record){Thanks to the M.H.I. team}, Unnatural Feature (Dark Aura),
Unmistakable Power, Insomiac, Intolerance (White Council), Loner, Nightmares, Demophobia,
Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents), Sense of Duty (Friends), Spell Signature,
Vulnerability (Holy Water),

Minor Handicap (walks with a limp), Always has walking stick (due to limp), Always wears grey, Likes to dress formally, Careful {Obviously not careful enough around the M.H.I. team}

Cultural Familiarities

English-Native, Latin-mild accent

Broadsword (Katana)-16, Computer Ops-16, Detect Lies-14, Diplomacy-14, Disguise-10,
Two Handed Sword-16 (Katana), Driving (Motorcycle/Automobile)-13, Streetwise-15,
Teaching-15, Electronic Ops (Computer, Media)-15, Escape-12, Fast-Draw-15, Fast Talk-16, Games (Kendo)-16, Guns (Pistol)-14,Hidden Lore (W.O.D./Demons/Spirit/Conspiracies)-15, Holdout-15, Traps-15, Intimidation-15, Judo-14, Mathematics (Applied)-14, Meditation-14, Meteorology-16, Performance-16, Occultism-15, Physics-13, Research-15, Ritual Magic-16, Savoir-Faire (Dojo)-16, Stealth-14,


Coldfury stands 6 feet tall at a lean 185 pounds. He has black hair and eyes, with some facial and body scars and a brooding, intense countenance when not at work.
Coldfury’s alternate identity is Riley Simmons, a local weatherman on KWX Gothem TV where he is quite popular. The team was directly responsible for Coldfury being defeated and whisked away by the White Council for a fair trial and a fine execution.

Coldfury (AKA Riley Simmons)

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