Harriet Dresden

Mage, Detective


Name: Harriet Blaine Angel Dresden Race: Mage

ST:10 DX:13 IQ:18 HT:14

Attractive Appearance, Charisma-1, High Pain Threshold, Indomitable, Luck, Magery-3,
Unusual Background, Mage Sight

Charitable, Code of Honor [Lady’s/Gentleman’s], Curious, Compulsive Generosity,
Enemy [Sword of Damoclese], Nightmares, On The Edge, Pacifism [Cannot Harm Innocents],
Secret [Mage], Sense of Duty [Friends], Stubbornness, Weirdness Magnet, Workaholic

Alcohol Intolerance, Always wears a black duster, Always wears boots, No sense of style,
Always wears wide-brimmed hat

Aikido-14, Alchemy-15, Brawling-14, Broadsword-14, Criminology-17, Detect Lies-16,
First Aid-18, Forced Entry-12, Pistols-14, Shotguns-12, Hidden Lore (Demons)-17,
Hidden Lore (Faerie)-17, Hidden Lore (Spirit)-17, Hidden Lore (World of Darkness)-17,
Hidden Lore (Undead)-17, Holdout-17, Interrogation-17, Intimidation-17, Lockpicking-17,
Meditation-16, Observation-17, Occultism-17, Research-17, Ritual Magic-15, Search-17,
Shadowing-17, Stealth-13, Streetwise-17, Thaumatology-18

Spells (All level 20 unless otherwise noted)
Acid Jet, Apportation, Blur, Clumsiness, Continual Light, Complex Illusion, Counterspell, Create Acid, Create Air, Create Earth, Create Fire, Create Water, Darkness, Deflect Missile, Delay, Dispel Magic, Earth to Stone, Explosive Fireball, Flesh to Stone, Ice Sphere,
Icy Touch, Ignite Fire, Invisibility, Invisible Wizard’s Ear, Invisible Wizard’s Eye, Itch, Keen Hearing, Levitation, Light, Lightning, Lightning Whip, Magelock, Paralyze Limb,
Purify Air, Purify Water, Scribe, Scryfool, Seek Earth, Seek Water, Sense Danger, Sense Foes, Sense Observation, Shape Air, Shape Earth, Shape Fire, Shape Water, Simple Illusion, Sound,
Spasm, Stone Missile, Total Paralysis, Voices, Wall of Lightning, Watchdog, Water Jet, Wind, Windstorm, Wizard Ear, Wizard Eye, Daze, Foolishness, Mass Sleep, Sleep, Sound, Voices,
Wall of Lightning, Ward, Water Jet

Special Equipment
Mage Staff, Fire Wand, Force Ring, Enchanted Duster


Harriet Dresden is tall for a 14 year old girl standing 5’6" and lean at 145 lbs. She has wavy long white hair, piercing cobolt blue eyes and pale fair skin with some minor scars. Dresden usualy wears gothic style outfits, makeup and jewelry with a pentagram pendant. Typically Harriet also carries a walking staff. Orphaned at age 10, Harriet was adopted by a warlock (one who uses black magic) who abused her and her brother to hone their magical skills for use in his dark rituals. Once Harriet discovered her adopted father was feeding off her and her brother’s power and slowly killing her brother in the process she confronted him and was forced to kill him with magic in self defense, thereby breaking the laws of magic. (Even though she had no idea about those laws, ignorance of the law is no defense). Her sentence, however, was commuted, since she was ignorant, and she was formally trained in magic by the archmagus Ebenezer “Hoss” Wainwright. Finishing her apprenticeship, Harriet went into business as a private detective and there ran afoul of various denizens of the World of Darkness. This brought her into the attention of M.H.I., whose recruiting pitch of excellent pay and benefits while fighting monsters of the W.O.D. immediately sold Harriet, who was destitute and fighting the monsters anyway.

Harriet Dresden

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