Igor Ritter

Works for MHI -- M.O.S. Sniper / Hacker


Igor Ritter – [307 / 309]

(Latest points spent: 1 point on camouflage as retcon. Additional point held against “unusual background” retcon.)

Attribute Value Cost
Strength 12 20
Dexterity 16 80
IQ 16 80
Health 12 20

Advantages and Disadvantages Effect or Value Cost
Hunter Sight Able to see “Through the Veil” 20
Duty: H.H.I Current employer -20
Patron: M.H.I Current employer Y
Reputation: Dangerous — Applies to those in the Masquerade Some Value -Y
Unfazeable 15
Weirdness Magnet Reactions -2 to people who know about weirdness magnetism -15
Code of Honor — Will never initiate the use of physical force, except in a military context, or demon killing context -5
Code of Honor — Will never take property which he knows does not belong to him, with the exception of salvage or extreme dire emergency -5
Compulsive Behaviour – Packrat Will always pack or carry a few extra of whatever he thinks he needs -5
No sense of Humor -10
Sense of duty – Comrades -5
Bad eyesight – Needs glasses -5
Eidetic Memory — Full 60
Favor: Army Buddy I — John Middleton – Rancher, Survivalist, “Gun Nut” — If contacted, will provide a “Bug-Out” location. Available-Rarely, Usually Reliable 3
Contact: Army Buddy II — Cindy McAllister – Local Police Officer Available-Quite Often, Usually Reliable 3
Magery 0 Can Level in Magery Later 5

Quirk Name Value/Effect Cost
Never listens to music, except for classical -1 reaction vs. music fan-boys, (except classical, which becomes +1) -1
Always wears practical clothing, except for “formal” occasions, which he hates, and will complain about Some bullshit here. GM, please make up something that makes sense. -1
Will always try to find some way to conceal and carry while wearing formal wear, and will attempt to fulfill the packrat requirement. -1
Occasionally references an entity known as St. Hathcock, or, “The Great White Feather” Confuses people who don’t know about the famous marine sniper -1
Will NEVER drink tequila. Even if this causes an insult or misunderstanding. Tequila is the devil! -1

Skill Value Cost
Driving Car DX -1 (15) 1
Driving Motorcycle DX (16) 1
Computer Operation IQ (16) 1
Streetwise IQ +1 (17) 1
Detect Lies IQ (16) 1
Leadership IQ +1 (17) 1
Soldier IQ +1 (17) 1
Guns: Small arms — Rifle DX +4 +[IQ bonus of 2] = (22) 12
Guns: Small arms — Shotgun DX + [IQ bonus of 2] = (18) 1
Guns: Small arms — Pistol DX + [IQ bonus of 2] = (18) 1
Guns: Small arms — SMG DX + [IQ bonus of 2] = (18) 1
Guns: Small arms — Revolver DX + [IQ bonus of 2] = (18) 1
Throwing DX (16) 2
Gunner: M2, M60 DX -1 +[IQ bonus of 2] = (17) 1
Outdoor Survival — Desert IQ (16) 1
Outdoor Survival — Forest IQ (16) 1
Outdoor Survival — Plains IQ (16) 1
Fast Draw DX (16) 1
Speed Load DX (16) 1
Holdout IQ +1 (17) 1
Stealth DX +1 (17) 4
Shadowing IQ +1 (17) 1
Knife DX +1 (17) 1
Armoury: All known IQ +1 (17) 1
First Aid IQ +2 (18) 1
Tracking IQ +1 (17) 1
Camouflage IQ+2 (18) 1
Strategy IQ (16) 1
Tactics IQ (16) 1
NBC Warfare IQ +1 (17) 1
Teaching IQ +1 (17) 1
Occultism IQ +1 (17) 1
Computer Programming IQ +4 (20) 3
Chemistry IQ (16) 1
Mathematics IQ (16) 1
Computer Hacking IQ (16) 2
Cryptanalysis IQ (16) 1
Language: German Accent 1
Language: Japanese Fluent 2
Language: French Accent 1
Language: Spanish Accent 1
Hobby: Chess IQ (16) 1
Running HT (12) 4

Equipment Function
MHI Armor DR 28
Bullet Necklace — The Essence of Accuracy +4 bonus to all shots taken after an “Aim” maneuver

Physical Description:

Human male, light complexion. Stands about 5’9." Typically wears clothing from 5.11, (Five – Eleven.) Typically wears shades on his glasses, and if he plans on being behind a rifle scope for any extreme length of time, one of the shades has a “blackout” on his non-dominant, (his own left) eye. If one cares to notice, he’s wearing a platinum wedding band on his left hand. Aside from the stern countenance and serious demeanour, he has a fairly unassuming appearance.

Ritter has three siblings. He has an older brother and an older sister, with the brother being the older of the two. He has a younger sister who is currently studding for her master’s degree.

“I’ve forgotten more about guns in the past two years than some people ever learn in their entire lives!”

“Is that a machine gun? — No — Is it a Barrett light fifty? — No — Then get rid of the bipod. You don’t need it. It’s just extra weight to carry around.”

“Damn it! I forgot to bring my taser!”


“There is no such thing as overkill. There is such a thing as wasting ammo.”

“I know this guy’s problem. The wheel in his head is spinning, but the hamster’s dead.”

“I think that the weather prediction in this town is done via dartboard.”


Igor Ritter

The youngest son of a retired Air Force Colonel. During his early years, his father was stationed all over the world, so Igor grew up learning other languages. After a complete career, his father settled down in Virginia, and became a prominent member of a major company, which was founded by family members of people he knew from the Air Force. Igor went to middle and high school there, and fell in love with Sarah Igraine. Although both Sarah and Igor had the grades to get into college, they didn’t have enough money to cover life expenses, even with scholarships. They then made an agreement: They would get married. Igor would join the Army, to pay for hearth and home while Sara went to school. Later, when Sara was finished with school, safely in a well-paying job, and Igor done with the Army, they would switch the roles of breadwinner and student. They would then be a happily married professional couple.

Both Igor and Sara followed the plan faithfully and effectively. Igor joined the army and became a sniper/scout. Sara enrolled in college and began studying anthropology and history. Both did very well. After three years, Sara completed her degree, and decided to do graduate work. Igor stayed in the army for another four years, but also worked on his own education. By the time Igor had completed 8 years of enlistment, he was almost finished with his own degree, and was ready to get out. By the same time Sara had finished her Ph.D, and was doing well-paid work. Igor transferred to a closer school, and after a year, finished out his bachelor’s.

After finishing his bachelor’s degree, Igor began pounding the area for work. Being largely unsuccessful, given the state of the economy, he was relegated to spending a great deal of time at home. He managed to find some occasional freelance programming work, which was lucrative, but unreliable. Still, it gave him the ability to feel like a programmer while he looked for other work. Sara also appreciated the extra time that he had to spend with her.

During this time Sara had uncovered a bit of a mystery during her investigations. She found a series of historical and archaeological clues which didn’t add up. In order to shed light on the conundrum, she headed to an otherwise unexplored cavern in West Virginia. There she found many things which she could not understand, even with many years of training in history and anthropology. She found glyphs and sigils, which were not in any known language.

She also found other markings whose importance was obvious, but whose meaning remained hidden. She expanded her research to include areas she would not have otherwise considered, including the occult. She pegged various friends and tapped other resources she had to try to find the answers. She even asked Igor’s father for funding, which she received generously. She managed to obtain books and sources which did not fit into mainstream academics, even where the occult was concerned. Unbeknownst to her at the time, one such book was magical grimoire.

Sara even called out her mostly unemployed husband to help with the work. They carefully documented various writings at the site. Igor considered the possibility that cryptography was somehow involved, and investigated it. He also discounted that possibility. His real efforts went into syntactical analysis of the sigils to see if they followed any kind of pattern. They did, but the pattern’s meaning was still unclear.

Igor wrote a series of programs to search for similar patterns across the internet, and to categorize them statistically by context. After three weeks of searching for the pattern, one statistically significant pattern match was found in Colorado, and had been investigated at one time by a similarly confused team of experts. That research was abandoned years ago due to a lack of results, and a low opinion amongst the academic community.

Igor and Sara attempted to follow up on the other team’s research; they attempted to contact known members of that research team; they attempted to track them down based on their known funding sources. What they found wasn’t pretty.

In the 8 years since that research effort fell apart, all of the members of that team were either dead or missing. One died of cancer; one died in a car accident; one was killed by being in the wrong place and the wrong time as a bad drug deal fell apart; one died of a heart attack. The others had families or friends who listed them as missing persons. There were several troubling things about this: Of the dead, only one, the project director, was older than 50. He died in the drug shooting. They younger members died of cancer and heart attack. One of the missing was the project vice president. All of the dead were dead within three weeks the project’s demise. All but three of the missing were discovered dead within a week of that. SOMETHING related to the other project had a great deal of stink attached to it.

Igor and Sara realized that time was not on their side. Even though the symbols themselves had nothing to do with each other, the PATTERNS were a whopping 97.7% match. They were clearly related somehow, and the other team’s removal was obviously not an accident. Whoever or whatever it was that was responsible for the other team’s disappearance might very well have it out for this team if the purpose of doing so was to keep someone quiet about something. So logically, the best defence against that kind of trouble is to understand the conundrum and learn the truth.

In an attempt to solve the puzzle, the group jumped both-feet-first into the deep end of the occult pool. During the brainstorming and hypothesis stage, nothing was rejected outright, but everything was subject to scrutiny. Every book, and every passage was pondered for significance. Igor scanned in some of the books into data files for further syntactical analysis. As he was busy with that, Sara was busy with the book, which turned out to be a grimoire.

For the opening seconds, Igor’s brain was processing what exactly the fuck was taking place. A flash of electricity appeared in the area, and formed a circular pattern. A strange entity then, somehow, appeared in the center of the circular pattern. After the electricity died down, the entity emitted a form of sound which vaguely resembled speech, but which was otherwise entirely unfamiliar. A few more packets of strange sound emanated from the entity. No one had a proper response to the sudden appearance of the unknown thing, with its strange words, if that’s what they were. In the next moment a blue light enveloped Sara, and the moment after that, she was gone.

The next two moments were severe shock and confusion for the team, but Igor’s situational awareness did not allow the shock and confusion to override his “combat IQ.” Time slowed down to a crawl, but fortunately, Igor was used to working in this time frame. He had already drawn his Glock, and had his sights aligned squarely on target. By the time the words, “Oh, shit! She’s gone!” rang through his mind, he had already pulled the trigger 6 times. A few other members or the team then also drew drew weapons and followed suit.

By the time the creature fell, all but two other team members had disappeared in blue light. Two empty magazines lay at Igor’s feet. It wasn’t until after another 5 seconds after that, that the whole truth of what had taken place in the past 15 seconds came to fully conscious awareness. He calmly scanned the area for further threats. He re-holstered his weapon. He retrieved his empty magazines. The entity that did this dissolved into a black powder. Igor took several samples. One of the other team members was in a similar frame of mind. The other was still screaming, and a foul odor could be detected from this person. The first two had to wait for him to calm down. When he did, they had two things to decide: What the fuck just happened? What the fuck do we tell everyone else?

The first question had no obvious answer. The group of three had no clue, and were not going to figure it out within this lifetime. The more important question concerning what was to be told to others was the truly pressing question. What do they tell the police? What do they tell their families? They had to come up with something. They decided to tell the police that the missing people simply failed to show up at the site one day, and from then on were missing, and could not be found. They came up with something which was somewhat plausible, and a great deal more believable than, “A strange entity out of the occult came and vaporized our missing people with beams of blue light, and then conveniently dissolved into black powder after we killed it.”

The survivors collected all the books and notes, with the intent of burning them as soon as feasible. One of the books that Igor collected was the grimoire. He also deleted all the programs he wrote and related data files in a manner which prohibited forensic recovery. They then made it back to their homes, and filed the appropriate missing persons reports with the police.

Igor went back to the home that he and his wife had shared. He sat alone in silence and pondered. He would have neither food nor rest. He remembered the times he and Sara shared in that house. At once, he believed that they would never share them again. At once, he disbelieved it. Thoughts of removing himself from the world permanently seemed for a moment to be a perfectly reasonable course of action. Suggestion rejected! That would not bring Sara back! If this was the work of a concious entity, it would need to be dealt with. It would need to be shown justice. Dead men can not show anyone justice. If this was some foul accident, steps would need to be taken so that it would not happen again. Dead men can not prevent anything. If this situation was reversible, if Sara could somehow be brought back, it would not be accomplished by a dead man!

Igor considered the strange entity. He had 4 flasks of its remains in his backpack. He would need to have it analysed. Chemically, genetically, the whole 9 yards. He etched its shape into his memory forever. Igor practiced drawing it until he could draw it perfectly from memory on command. He considered the strange book that Sara was reading when it happened. He would need to find an expert on such things and enlist their aide. It was clearly dangerous, but also in great need of being understood. He considered the surviving team members, Huston, and Linsky. He might need to keep them on tap in case they were doing what he was doing, and if any of them turned up anything, they could compare notes.

Igor looked down at his watch. Holy crap! It was 4 days later! He made himself something to eat. As he wolfed down his meal, he received a telephone call. He answered the phone. The lady on the other end of the phone said she was from something called M.H.I. She claimed to be part of a group that dealt with paranormal entities living in this world. She claimed to be a recruiter. She had uncannily accurate details about that week, even though Igor spoke not a word about them. She also said that her investigation team uncovered his involvement with the incident in West Virginia, along with Huston and Linsky. She said that someone surviving such an ordeal alive and sane meant that such a person had skills which were useful to M.H.I, and that she had a job for him if he wanted it.

The totality of this conversation threw Igor for a loop. At this point however, Igor was ready to believe anything even remotely reasonable if it would put the events of the past week into rational perspective. Besides, a job would be nice. Wasn’t he complaining a month ago about being unemployed? He decided that taking the job would give him time and resources to discover the nature of those traumatic events, and possibly a way to deal with them.

Just as he decided to take the job, he heard a knock at the door. Considering what he had been through the past week, he instinctively reached for his Glock. The voice on the phone said, “Don’t worry, Sergeant Ritter, they aren’t there to harm you. They’re there with the contract. Don’t worry about your house. That will be taken care of. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line.”

Igor Ritter

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