Butler, goto guy, fixer.


Jeeves works for MHI, Jeeves has always worked for MHI. Jeeves does not go on missions, Jeeves does not plan missions, Jeeves is the butler..sorta. If you need equipment, enchantments, contacts Jeeves is the man to see. If you need to find a particular point of etiquette or some obscure information see Jeeves. If you would like the paper and a good single malt scotch brought to you Jeeves is definately the man. Oh under the folded newspaper is your Walther PPK.


Tall at 6’3", lean at 195 lbs, black hair, long mustache, impeccible formal suit with tails and of course white gloves and spats. Usually seen with a silver tray upon which rests the liquid refreshment of your choice. Somehow he always knows when you want a drink and exactly what you want to drink. It’s like magic, only not.


Monster Hunter International Grimsige