Joseph Cougar

North American native with Central American Ancestry


ST 15, DX 16, IQ 15, HT 15, HP 15, Will 15, Per 15, FP 15

Speed 8, Move 8, Dodge 12

Advantages: Acute hearing 5, vision 5, fearlessness 6, Cat fall,
Combat Reflexes, Danger Sense, Security Clearance 2.

Disadvantages: Code of Honor(Police), Curious, Honesty, No Sense of Humor.

Skills: Acrobatics 14, Brawling 16, Camouflage 15, Climbing 15, Criminology 14,
Computer Operations 15, Detect Lies 14, Detective 12, Electrician 14,
Electronics Operation(Surveillance) 14,
Electronics Repair(Computers,Security,Surveillance) 14, Escape 14,
Fast-Draw (ammo, knife, machine gun, pistol, shotgun) 17, Forced Entry 16, Forensics 13,
Guns (pistol, rifle, shotgun, machine gun) 16, Hidden Lore (Faerie Lore,World of Darkness) 14,
Intelligence Analysis 14, Interrogation 14, Judo 14, Jumping 16, Knife 17,
Law (drug) 13, Law (contracts) 13,
Navigation (Air, Land, Sea) 14, Observation 14, Occultism 14,
Piloting (Helicopter, Heavy Airplane, Light Airplane, Ultralight) 15,
Savoir-Fair (High Society, Mafia, Military, Police, Dojo) 15,
Scuba 14, Search 14, Shadowing 14, Smuggling 14, Stealth 15,
Streetwise 14, Survival( Arctic, Desert, Jungle, Mountain, Swampland, Woodlands) 14,
Tactics 15, Throwing 17, Thrown Weapon (knife) 17, Tracking 14, Weather Sense 14


Not much liking to discuss my past, as revealing too much to the wrong people will end me in a quick trip to the morgue. I was born and raised in South Western United States, and became involved in police actions especially busting heads with drug gangs. I was enlisted as DEA agent and found educational opportunities and assignments to keep my skills pretty well honed. My South American raised family was proud of my choices and eventually realized how little I could be with them due to my work. They forgave my future absences and I told them they would soon lose me to a prepared exit from their lives to protect them from my adversaries. This accident covered all traces of my original past and a false trail was produced to prevent and trap those who would do me and my real family harm.

Notably, my latest involvement of recruitment by my current employer took place shortly after I was responsible for helping take out a vampire who was the head of a drug operation in South America. I was given an ability to sense the underworld by a process that is still unclear to me, but knew it was necessary to my future, and was my start in my new line of work.

Joseph Cougar

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