The Armorer

He supplies, upgrades, modifies and repairs guns and armor.


Obviously a former senior N.C.O. of some military, the Armorer is known only as the Armorer. He has a slightly slavic accent and a formal stiff demeanor. The Armorer is missing his left eye and hand and wears a black eyepatch and has a hooked prosthetic hand. His hair is buzzcut grey and his remaining eye is grey. The Armorer also has a tatoo of a styilized bat on the back of his hand.


Rumors persist of this man being a former spetznaz. The Armorer will neither confirm nor deny such rumors. The Armorer is an avid model hobbiest, chess player and tinkerer. In the back of his armory you see an alabaster chess set, many model ships, tanks, airplanes and cars, and most notibly some kind of carbine hooked up to a car battery?? There is also ritual magic paraphenalia. However, the entire armory is obsessively organized and clean.

The Armorer

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