William the Pleaser

A former priest, William has since renounced his peaceful life and turned to practicing a mix of dark magic and holy power in order to destroy demons and other monsters which plague humanity.


Full Name: William Aristides Pike, aka William the Pleaser
Race: Human
Total Point Value: 301/309

Ht: 5’11
Wt: 180 lbs
Age: 36
Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, stubble, black hat, cigarette

ST: 12 (0 points) DX: 14 (80 points) IQ: 15 (100 points) HT: 12 (20 points)

Charisma-2, Contact Group – Underworld (somewhat reliable), High Pain Threshold, Magery-2, Power Investiture-3, Rapier Wit, Smooth Operator-4, True Faith, Unfazeable, Voice

Disadvantages (Holy shit):
Addiction: Tobacco, Callous, Curious, Enemy: Rival Dealer (equal in power, unknown), Enemy: Some Demons (med-sized group, some formidable or superhuman), Flashbacks (Mild), Guilt Complex, Intolerance: Demons, Low Self-Image, Nightmares, Obsession: Killing Demons (long-term goal), Obsession: Slaying a Certain Demon (short-term goal), Pacifism: Children (Cannot Harm Innocents, i.e. Children ONLY), Paranoia, Secret: Drug Dealer (imprisonment or exile), Sense of Duty: Companions (small group), Social Stigma: Criminal Record, Social Stigma: Excommunicated from Episcopal Church, Stubbornness, Weirdness Magnet, Workaholic

Uncongenial, Scar on Face, Mild Lech, Always has a Cigarette, Always wears a Hat

(All cost 1 pt.)
Detect Lies—17
Diplomacy—19 (2 more from Charisma when making Influence rolls)
Electronics Operation (Security)—14
Fast-Talk—20 (2 more from Charisma when making Influence rolls)
First Aid (Human)—15
Guns (Pistol)—14
Guns (Shotgun)—14
Hidden Lore (Demon Lore)—14
Hidden Lore (Spirit Lore)—14
Hidden Lore (World of Darkness)—14
Hidden Lore (Werewolf)-14
Hidden Lore (Vampires)-14
History (Religion)—13
Interrogation—14 (1 more from Callous when using threats or torture)
Intimidation—14 (2 more from Charisma when making Influence rolls, +1 from Callous when using threats or torture)
Musical Composition—13
Musical Instrument (Piano)—13
Observation (Stakeout)—14
Public Speaking (Oratory)—23
Public Speaking (Storytelling)—23
Religious Ritual (WoDarkness)—13
Ritual Magic (Necromancy)—12
Savoir-Faire (Mafia)—19 (2 more from Charisma when making Influence rolls)
Seamanship-15 (Familiar with tramp freighters, aka Tin Cans)
Sleight of Hand—12
Streetwise—18 (2 more from Charisma when making Influence rolls)
Theology (Christian)—13

((All Clerical, all 16 except as noted, all cost 1 pt))
Aura (“A rat always knows when he’s in with weasels…”)
Banish (Exorcise) (“Get behind me, Satan! Leave this soul and pick on someone who fucking deserves it a little more, will ya?! …you know who I’m talking about.”)
Bless (“As you go to fight the forces of evil, may the Lord God be in your hearts and minds and all that other mumbo jumbo.”)
Command (“Because I fuckin’ say so!”)
Compel Truth (“All that is hidden will be revealed in the presence of the Lord.”)
Continual Light ((singing)“This little light of mine… I’m gonna let it shine…”)
Control Zombie (“Now boys, you should all welcome your new necromancin’ master. Simon says put your rotting hands in the air, and wave those boney arms like you just don’t care.”)
Counterspell (“No, YOU eat brimstone and die.”)
Cure Disease (“In the Lord’s name, be healed!”)
Curse (“May the bird of paradise leave a parting gift on your head.” “May a thousand drunkards from a thousand bars piss on yer grave.”)
Detect Poison (“Well… one good blight deserves another…”)
Dispel Magic (“No paltry parlor tricks will prevail against the might of God!”)
Divination (Augury—Variety of Omen-Reading) (“There are patterns to the universe that can be studied, even observed if one knows how to look. When that pattern gets broken—Lord help us all, and Devil take the loser.”)
Divination (Cartomancy—Tarot Reading) (“Me and God haven’t spoken much lately. My current associations are less… reliable sources, but they’re usually a hell of a lot louder and clearer.”)
Final Rest (“Now STAY dead!”)
Great Healing—15 (“Let Jesus’ healing power restore your body and invigorate your soul! Or hell, just let me do it.”)
Great Ward (“Lord, protect us from those who would stifle our actions, shield us from the wicked wrath of those who oppose us, and grant us safety from the enemies of humanity… otherwise I’ll blow them all to kingdom come.”)
Healing Slumber (“The battle is over… be at peace now.”)
Light ((still singing) “I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…”)
Magelock (“You kiddin’? Of course I can rig it. I’m the key that got lost.”)
Major Healing (“Alright boys, time to get back in the ring and knock ’em dead!”)
Materialize (“Now let spirit become flesh, and we shall be on but one plane, so that no creature shall be untouchable to the hands doing God’s works.”)
Minor Healing (“C’mon kid, it’s just a flesh-wound… what’re you, yella?”)
Neutralize Poison (“Sometimes you gotta get more hair from the dog that bit ya.”)
Pentagram (“By the holy power of the Lamb, I draw this magic pentagram—through which God will most begrudgingly protect us all, even me.”)
Remove Curse (“To become clean again, you must be washed in the blood of your enemies. No, wait, that’s Jesus… yep. The enemies bit just makes you feel better about it.”)
Restoration (“Okay mac, time to pull a Lazarus and get the hell back up!”)
Scryguard (“Yeah, if I were a devil, I’d definitely wanna be a fly on this wall.”)
Sense Observation (“Shhh… somethin’ tells me we’re bein’ watched.”)
Sense Spirit (“There are spooks, and then there are just those creepy guys who sleep behind the alley. And then there are white folks. Eh don’t mind me, I been a racist sonuvabitch ever since the Bay of Bengal… don’t ask.”)
Steal Energy (“I’m feelin’ a little hungry today… I think I’ll dine on you.”)
Steal Vitality (“What, you thought only demons could feed on life energy? Suckers!”)
Suggestion (“We don’t want any trouble, officer, we were just lookin’ for directions. Oh, this stuff? Yeah, I’m hauling some donations from the churchfolks down to GoodWill. If you can just point me there, I’ll be outta your way…”)
Summon Demon (“It ain’t ever like in the movies… and there ain’t no second chances; one fuck up and you’ll be wishin’ you’d just gone to Hell instead.”)
Summon Spirit (“Anyone know the number for the Ghostbusters?”)
Sunbolt (“The wrath of God shall strike you down, and sinners gonna burn!”)
Sunlight (“Good morning, sunshine!!” “If God has no sense of humor, your ass wouldn’t be burnin’ in the happy lovin’ sunshine right about now, would it?”)
Truthsayer (“Nothing is hidden from the eyes of God.”)
Turn Spirit (“Fuck off, Casper! Get a life or go home.”)
Turn Zombie (“Get back to the grave where ye belong, ye filth!”)
Ward (“Never trust a graveyard, a narrow pass, an empty alley or me.”)
Watchdog (“While God’s away on business, I’m takin’ this shit into my own hands.”)

English (Native)
Hebrew (Accented) (4 pts)
Latin (Accented) (4 pts)

Bowie Knife (small) (Ghost Touch, Silver-Plated, Blessed), Dagger (large, ritual) (Ghost Touch, Silver-Plated, Blessed), Remington Model 870, 12G 2.75” Crucifix Shotgun (Ghost Touch, Silver-Plated, Blessed), Pistol (Ghost Touch, Blessed), Sunbolt (Clerical spell), Brawl (punch, kick & bite) Silver Bullets (Blessed), Knife (small, Blessed)

Assault Vest Trauma Plates – Black Leather Trenchcoat (torso, cost 6000, 8 lbs) (Foritified-5, Flame Resistance)

Total XP Earned: 11
Total XP Spent: 1
Current Banked XP: 10


“A rat always knows when he’s in with weasels.”
“They’re lining up to go insane.”
“At night I pray and clean my gun.”
“All the donuts have names that sound like prostitutes.”
“I feel like a preacher waving a gun around.”
“God used me as a hammer boy to beat his weary drum today.”
“I’m not able, I’m just Cain.”
“They sharpen their knives on my mistakes.”
“Yellow dog knows when he’s sinned.”
“There’s always free cheddar in a mousetrap, baby.”
“Nothing wrong with her that a hundred dollars won’t fix.”
“There’s always some killin’ you got to do around the farm.”

William the Pleaser

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