Anti-Zombie Ammo

Ammo specifically designed to stop zombies and undead.


The good folks at Hornady have done it again!

Hornady occasionally sells their A-Max cartridges in special “Zombie” boxes, calling them the Z-Max. Production runs are limited, and most shooters might buy one or two boxes as a joke, believing that the colorful box is nothing more than a clever marketing gimmick for their normal, but superior quality ammo. Unbeknownst to them, there is a secretly practicing mage at Hornady. This mage REALLY has it out for undead, and secretly enchants the ammo to be effective precisely for its intended purpose!

Hornady sells their Z-Max ammo in all the most common police and military handgun calibers, the three most common military rifle calibers, along with 12 gauge shotgun shells, and the most common deer-rifle cartridge in the USA: the 30-30, (thirty-thirty.)

Against normal targets, Hornady Z-Max rifle and handgun cartridges function as normal hollow-points, and the shotgun shells function as normal 00 buck. They are, however, enchanted to deal aggravated damage to undead, and zombies in particular. Undead always receive double damage from Z-Max ammo, and zombies receive quadruple.

Anti-Zombie Ammo

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