Barrett 98B, .338 Lapua Magnum

Barrett 98B, .338 Lapua Magnum, Long-Distance, Bolt-Action Rifle

weapon (ranged)

The Barrett 98B, (Ninety-Eight Bravo) is a bolt-action rifle intended for long-distance military shooting. It is primarily intended for an anti-personnel role, but can also secondarily fill an anti-material role to a lesser degree. The .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge was developed as a military long-range sniper’s cartridge, and has an exceptionally flat trajectory, (much flatter than the .50BMG in a standard barrel with standard munitions, even if it lacks the full range of the fifty).

For the longest time in military long-range shooting, you either shot with a .30-06, (later a .308 Winchester), or you shot with a .50BMG. There was nothing in-between. Now enter the .338 Lapua. In terms of actual power delivered at long ranges, it’s almost exactly 50% between the .50BMG on the high end, and the .30-06, (or .308 Winchester) on the low end. The .338 Lapua develops about twice the energy of the .30-06, does a better job of retaining that energy down-range, and has a great deal flatter trajectory than the ought-six.

This is also Igor Ritter’s personal choice for general “go-to” gun, and will be his default selection whenever the nature of the target or enemy is unknown, unspecified, unqualified or otherwise not categorized. Although the weapon and cartridge perform best at ranges at or exceeding 800 yards, the use of this weapon and cartridge are not entirely out of the question for closer ranges, (from 200 to 600 yards). For reference, a mile = 1760 yards.

Weapon Name Damage Accuracy Range Weight Rate of Fire Capacity Minimum Strength vs. Recoil Bulk Recoil Cost Tech Level
Barrett 98B, .338 Lapua Magnum 10D+1 9 1914/6100 13.5 1/2 10+1 11 -6 4 $4849.00 7

The accuracy rating above will assume that the shooter is using match-grade (high-quality) ammo.

Barrett is not the only company to chamber a rifle in .338 Lapua. There are other rifles on the market that shoot just as well, for more or less money. Examples would be the Remington 700, which, after accusation by a competent gunsmith, would cost about half as much without optics. The Cheytac M300 (shy-tack) can cost a bit more for equivalent performance. The Desert Tactical SRS is slightly cheaper for about the same performance, and is a good choice for those that like the reduction of length and bulk offered by the bull-pup design paradigm.

Currently, the world record for the longest distance confirmed combat kill, (2707 yards) was made by a British sniper in Afghanistan using a rifle chambered in .338 Lapua, besting the previous record, (which was shot with a .50BMG) by 35 meters.

Barrett 98B, .338 Lapua Magnum

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