Barrett M95, .50BMG

Barrett M95, .50BMG - Bolt-Action, Long-Distance Rifle

weapon (ranged)

The Barrett M95 is a Bolt-Action, “Bull-pup” rifle which, barring the weight, magazine, and action type, is a GURPS equivalent of the M82-A1.

Weapon Name Damage Accuracy Range Weight Rate of Fire Capacity Minimum Strength vs. Recoil Bulk Recoil Cost Tech Level
Barrett M95, .50BMG 13D 10 2200/7400 23.5 1/2 5+1 12B -6 4 $6500.00 7

The accuracy rating above will assume that the shooter is using match-grade (high-quality) ammo.

The price listed above does not include any optics. Barrett offers a version of this rife to include an excellent scope, plus rings, (scope mounting hardware), and other accessories for just under 10 grand. This is about the same price as the M82-A1 without any optics!

In comparison to the M82-A1, the weapon has a somewhat slower rate of fire, and does not come standard with 10-round magazines, (although I am fairly certain that the Barrett 10-round magazines developed for the M82-A1 will still work with this rifle.) The recoil is also slightly more, given the reduced weight, and the fact that the semi-automatic action, which eats up a noticeable amount of recoil is absent in the M95. It does offer significant advantages in three areas. First, it is a bit more than 3/4 the weight of the M82-A1. This is important if one must carry the weapon a long distance, or for a great period of time. Second, the M95 is significantly cheaper than the M82-A1. If the budget it tight, this will make all the difference! Serious long-distance shooters put more money into quality optics than they do the guns. Finally, the overall length of the weapon is 45" in comparison to the 57" of the M82-A1. This amounts to a significant reduction in overall bulk. The M95 is much more conducive to actual carriage than the M82-A1, although it is still no walk-in-the-park. (Incidentally, the M-95 is only slightly heavier than the M-60 machine gun. The 60 is heavy enough to complain about having to carry, but can be carried on a long hump.)

As far as external and terminal ballistics are concerned, (the bullet’s stabilization and flight path, and its behavior at and just past the point of impact), everything that applies to the Barrett M82-A1 also applies to the M95. Ditto for ammo. For further reading on this weapon, consider reading Barrett’s technical specifications.

Barrett M95, .50BMG

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