Dragon Slayer (Portable Railgun)

20mm railgun

weapon (ranged)

Damage: 5d x3 (3) pi+ Acc:10 Range: 3500/12000 ROF:3 Shots:6 ST:10
Bulk:-8 Rcl:0 LC:1 Cost: 20000 Weight:25

The Dragon Slayer portable railgun uses a 20mm discarding sabot round which once the casing is shed becomes a 2mm fin stabilized tungstun needle. The barrel of the weapon is lined (much like rifling) with a negatively charged microcable imparting an opposite charge to the 20mm positively charged round. This experimental weapon contains it’s power in the buttstock of the weapon by means of a spellstone with a contained explosive lightning bolt stored in it. The bullpup magazine contains a powerstone, as well as the ammo, with the mana required to set off the spell which provides the enourmous power requirements to power the electromagnets in the receiver and barrel. The tungstun needle is also enchanted to help stablize the round giving it a totally flat trajectory and as it is enchanted it imparts aggrivated damage.


Petr Sergeyevich is designing this weapon as a long range permanent solution to Sabbat problem. He has found assistance with his new buddy Igor Ritter, who if anything is an even bigger gun nut than Petr is.

Dragon Slayer (Portable Railgun)

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