Kel-Tec PLR-16, 5.56mm, Standard

An oversized pistol in a light rifle cartridge

weapon (ranged)

Designed to be a bit more than a handgun, and a bit less than a rifle, the Kel Tec PLR-16 fills the gap between the two, and is a solid choice for Close-Quarters Battle, (CQB). The standard version is included for reference.

The Kel Tec PLR-16 uses any 5.56mm military ordnance, or civilian .223 Remington ammunition. It comes standard with its own 10 round magazine, but also uses M-16 / M-4 / AR-15 magazines, which typically come in sizes of 20 or 30 rounds.

The PLR-16 is threaded for a muzzle brake or suppressor, and has a number of accessories immediately available from kel-tec. The PLR-16’s accuracy, like any other weapon, depends on the type of ammo used with it. The PLR-16 is capable of 1" groups at 100 yards with the right ammo, but usually gets in the area of 2.5" groups with cheap, low-grade ammo.

The PLR-16 has a fairly short barrel lifespan of about 30,000 rounds, but this is offset by the lower cost, and Kel Tec’s guarantee that they will replace the barrel should this lifespan be exceeded.

Weapon Name Damage Accuracy Range Weight Rate of Fire Capacity Minimum Strength vs. Recoil Bulk Recoil Cost Tech Level
Kel Tec PLR-16, Standard, 5.56mm 4D 2 250/3000 3.42 3~ 10+1 20+1 30+1 9 -3 2 $665.00 7

Primary GURPS comparisons are the M-4 carbine, and the Glock 17. The PLR-16 a shorter barrel than the M-4, and thus, shorter range and less damage potential. It is heavier and bulkier than the Glock 17, but of comparable controlability, even without a muzzle brake. It is awkward to fire one-handed, but can be done. This assumes that the weapon has no accessories or enhancements of any kind, and is “bare bones.”

Kel-Tec PLR-16, 5.56mm, Standard

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