Kel-Tec RFB, Carbine

Kel-Tec RFB, Carbine, 7.62X51, 18" Barrel

weapon (ranged)

The Kel-Tec RFB is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62X51 (.308 winchester). RFB stands for Rifle, Forward-ejecting, Bull-pup. Bull-pup is a design style which allows a much more compact overall length without sacrificing barrel length. You can tell that a rifle fits the bull-pup design archetype if the magazine is in between the trigger and the shoulder pad. Another weapon that fits the bull-pup design archetype is the Steyr AUG. The Kel-Tec, though is the first full-production american-made bull-pup to be chambered in the much heavier-hitting 7.62X51 cartridge.

The RFB was designed in ways that correct all real design flaws of previous bull-pup rifles. The most important flaw of other bull-pups which was corrected with the RFB is the trigger system. All other bull-pups have triggers that are extended forward of the magazine via linkages. This is not conducive to accuracy. The Kel-Tec has a trigger which was designed from the beginning to fit this type of weapon. The trigger pull is smooth, even, and crisp, with an extremely short lock-time. In other words, the trigger is significantly better than what is minimally required for a battle rifle or fast-action close-quarters carbine. Next, the RFB ejects its spent brass in a forward direction via an ejection chute. This is completely unique to the Kel-Tec. All other weapons, even non-bull-pups eject either down, (which is rare), or to one side or the other, (which is the overwhelming majority). If the weapon ejects the spent brass to the right side, a left-handed shooter, (or left eye dominant shooter) will have spent brass being ejected into his / her face. This is both annoying and distracting. Some rifles allow the operator to decide which side the spent brass is ejected to during take-down, and does positively solve that problem for left-handed shooters. The problem is that it can not be done quickly. The RFB sidesteps the issue by ejecting the brass forward.

This is Ritter’s go-to weapon for close-quarters battle, (CQB). Either this, or the Kel-Tec KSG shotgun.

Weapon Name Damage Accuracy Range Weight Rate of Fire Capacity Minimum Strength vs. Recoil Bulk Recoil Cost Tech Level
Kel-Tec RFB, Carbine, 7.62X51 7D-2 5 700/2100 8.1 12* 20+1 10 -3 2 $1880.00 7

The accuracy rating above assumes that military ordnance is used.

The GURPS info here is based partly on the listing for the FN-FAL. I factored in the effect of the shorter barrel in comparison to the FAL with regards to range and damage. I also factored in the superior ergonomics and ease of carry. The weapon is easier to handle vs recoil due to the significantly lower bore axis. (This is a measurement of how high up the barrel is in relation to the shooter’s shoulder. A higher bore axis means that there is more flip, since the offset makes the weapon act like a lever when under recoil. A lower bore axis means more of the recoil goes simply backwards, as opposed to down and backward, thus, minimizing the lever effect.)

This weapon is not sold to civilians as a select-fire weapon, but I will assume that MHI is capable of obtaining them via federal contract, manufacturer’s licensing, and the payment of tax-stamps. Even still, select fire for a cartridge like this one, usually means that one is simply wasting ammo, although this is not always the case. It is more reasonable for the carbine to be select fire to 3-round burst than the target model.

The price listed above does not include optics.

Kel-Tec RFB, Carbine

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