Liquid Courage

This "old sauce" removes fear and restores sanity, so long as it is used sparingly.


One sip of this magical elixir has the following effects:

Negates all fear and fear-based effects from the imbiber, and protects him / her from the same for 10 minutes.

Any and all damage done to the drinker’s mental health or psyche within the last 5 minutes is negated at the cost being unable to remember anything from the same time period.

Restores 1 point of mental or magical fatigue.

These effects are doubled if the drinker has the disadvantage “Alcoholism.”

Each sip (use) of Liquid Courage is to be considered as 1 shot of hard liquor, (at least 80 proof,) and effects the character accordingly.


This item is an adaptation of an idea that I stole borrowed from the video game, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

Liquid Courage

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