Memo: Eyes Only
From: Maj. Charles-Benoit Deville (ret.)
To: M.H.I. Action Teams
Subject: Lycanthropy (Garou)
M.H.I. Research Files

*Werewolves*Werewolves, commonly referred to amongst themselves as Garou, are in some ways the best understood creatures of the masquerade. For the most part they compare quite close to the common western myths and stories. They are susceptible to silver, they are affected by the cycles of the moon, although not as much as many might think they regenerate their wounds, they are incredibly powerful and shift between forms at will. Here’s what is not so commonly known.
Werewolves have more than two forms, they have five in fact.
Homid: The true man. The Garou’s human form.
Glabro: The near-man. Taller, bulkier and stronger than the Homid, the Glabro is humanoid but clearly not human.
Crinos: The half-wolf, the wolf-man. The figure of terror from a million human nightmares, this hulking monster averages 9 feet tall and some 400 pounds, and is virtually unstoppable.
Hispo: The near-wolf. The Hispo resembles the dire wolf of prehistoric times, but is nearly the size of a small pony.
Lupus: The true wolf. The Lupus form is physical perfection and almost a giant among other wolves.
Werewolves have a very distinct society based on the pack. They are also divided by breeds, auspices and tribes.
There are three breeds of werewolves; Lupus, Metis and Homid. Typically werewolves do not mate with other werewolves, it is socially unacceptable and a genetic dead end. When a werewolf mates with a human the result is a Homid. A homid is generally more at home in human culture and the most common of the werewolf breeds. Their usual resting form is that of a human. A Lupus is the result of a werewolf and a wolf mating. Lupus are more at home in the wilds and generally live amongst wolves and are accepted by them even though a wolf can tell the difference between a werewolf and a true wolf. Metis are the unfortunate result of two werewolves mating. Metis are never truly at home with either wolves or humans and while possibly more powerful than homid or lupus they are also sterile and only marginally accepted by other werewolves.
The Auspice of a werewolf is dependent upon the phase of the moon under which the werewolf was born. Different phases grant different personalities. Auspices are effectively stereotypes – convenient labels and explanations for behaviors and tendencies.
Ragabash: New Moon, nickname Trickster
Theurge: Crescent Moon, nickname Seer
Philodox: Half Moon, nickname Bard
Galliard: Gibbous Moon, nickname Moon Dancer
Ahroun: Full Moon, nickname Spirit Warrior

Next to the pack, the tribe is the most important aspect of a Garou’s life. For thousands of years, Garou society has revolved about the tribe, and still does. Originally, each tribe was based around a particular region of the world, but with the growth and increased mobility of the world’s population in the last few centuries, this geographic identity has faded. Members of a tribe have a common appearance in wolf form. Of the many tribes of Garou that dated from the beginning of time, only thirteen survive today: these, plus the traitor tribe, the Black Spiral Dancers, are all that is left of Garou culture. Each tribe is known for its own specific powers and talents.

End notes
Of all the creatures of the masquerade, save magi, werewolves are the most likely to actually help a human. This is highly dependent on the tribe the werewolf belongs too though. Werewolves can be reasoned with, but keep in mind they view humans as lesser prey animals. Some are raving monsters bent on destruction, others are introspective and spiritual. And while werewolves do not exclusively hunt humans as prey, if the werewolf is hungry and you are there you probably shouldn’t negotiate.

For an idea of just how powerful a werewolf is, a fledgling werewolf has a starting point cost of 500. 800 to 1000 point werewolves are not uncommon. This is why you cannot start the campaign with the background of killing a werewolf to gain your hunter abilities. Not without a really good explanation of how you did it such as, “I caught him by surprise whilst in my main battle tank and still barely made it out alive.”


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